How To Fix Nest thermostat error code e195?

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Nest thermostat error code e195

Smart thermostats are new to the market and no matter what brand you choose, you are bound to run into issues with the functioning of the thermostat.

This is because there are so many functions of the thermostat that are now digitally controlled that it takes time to understand everything.

In this article, we are discussing the Nest error code e195.

This is not an issue with the functions on the digital hub but a legitimate issue with the R wire of the thermostat. When the R wire of the thermostat is not receiving power, you will receive the error code e195.

There are many reasons for the error code and we will discuss each one of them with the solutions so that it is easy to figure out what fix you need to apply to solve the error code on the Nest thermostat.

Fixes For error e195 on Google Nest thermostat

The error code e195 on the Nest thermostat is related to the malfunction of the R wire and the power supply to the R wire.

Let’s discuss the different scenarios for this error code showing up on your Nest smart thermostat and understand what are the different ways to eliminate the error code.

Fix 1: Check the power supply to the Nest thermostat

The Nest thermostat needs a constant supply of power. This means that the power outlet that the thermostat is connected to should be functioning properly.

Check if the power outlet is on and working properly. You can check this by connecting a light bulb to the same outlet once you have removed the thermostat connection.

If the light bulb glows, this means that the power outlet is on. This is the most basic way to check the power outlet. 

You can also check the power supply in the outlet through other electrical tools but many people do not have them on hand to use.

If the power outlet is not functioning, you can connect the thermostat to another outlet or get the earlier one repaired.

Fix 2: Check the wiring of the thermostat

Since the error code already means that there is an issue with the connection of the R wire, it is time that we open up the wiring to inspect if the R wire is connected properly.

To check any wiring-related issues on the thermostat, you will need to open the thermostat. Therefore, disconnect the thermostat from any power sources to make sure that it is safe to open and inspect.

If you do not know where to find the R wire, you can get the user manual where all the wires are shown with the positions. A simple online search about the model of your thermostat can also help locate the R wire.

Check if the connection is secure and if you find it to be loose, you can reconnect the R wire.

Fix 3: Check the circuit of the thermostat

It is possible that the R wire of the thermostat is connected properly but the circuit of the thermostat is not complete.

This means that the power from the R wire will not reach the entire circuit and hence, it will not be detected on the thermostat. Check if all the wires on the thermostat are connected properly. 

If there are any broken wires in the circuit, remove them immediately and replace them. Not only is this essential for the circuit but also to evade fire hazards.

Fix 4: Check the float switch on the thermostat

The float switch on the thermostat should not be tripped. This can be a cause of concern for the non-detection of the R wire.

The float switch is inserted in the mechanism for safety purposes. If the condensation on the thermostat goes beyond the permitted level, the float switch gets tripped to stop the process.

Check if the float switch is tripped. If it is, replace the switch and also call someone to take care of the condensation process on the thermostat.

Fix 5: Call in an experienced person to check the electrical circuit

Since the processes of the thermostat are a little complicated, there is a certain threshold to which you can interfere in the process to repair the appliance.

If you feel at any point that the issue is too complicated for you to solve, it is better to not meddle further with the electrical circuit. 

Call in an experienced electrician to help you with the placement of the R wire on the thermostat and solve your issue.

To conclude

The error code e195 on the Nest thermostat is the issue with the R wire not receiving power. We have mentioned above the circumstances that might be a contributor to the issue and cause trouble with the thermostat.

We hope that these4 fixes help you get rid of the issue and the thermostat starts working. Keep following for more technical advice.

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