How To Fix Netflix Error Code F7121-3078?

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  • Platform: Netflix
  • Error Code: F7121-3078
  • Error Says: Error says that there is an issue with the version of Mozilla Firefox Browser
  • Effect of the Error: The error prevents users from streaming videos on Netflix

If you are seeing the Netflix Error Code F7121-3078, then, it basically means that there is an issue with the browser and that is what is causing the particular error to prompt up.

In most cases, the particular error can be seen to be more prevalent and common in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Hence, if you are logged into your Netflix account on a Mozilla Firefox browser and are seeing the following error, then, that is in fact a pretty common scenario.

How To Resole Netflix Error F7121-3078?

Fix 1: Update the Firefox app

According to Netflix’s official support page, it is said that the reason why such an error might occur on a Mozilla browser is when such a browser is no longer supported or that very version is outdated causing the following error to occur, so updating the Firefox app can help solve the issue.

So check and if there is an pending update for your browser then update your Firefox browser and check if doing so help fix the following error message.

Fix 2: Disable Plugins or Add-ons 

Depending on whether you are using or have plugins and add-ons installed on your respective browser, you may want to try disabling and enabling such plugins and add-ons to fix the issue.

Users have claimed that simply trying to update a plugin or disable and remove a plugin might initiate the process of updating the browser as well, which otherwise might not take place. 

Netflix Error Code F7121-3078

Fix 3: Force update Firefox using Plugins

Just as has been mentioned in the previous step above. One way in which you can try and fix the following issue would be to try updating a plugin separately for the Firefox browser to initiate the updating process on its own and get rid of the particular error.

Many times, the Firefox browser does not update itself. Or, have log files belonging to the previous version, due to which such errors may occur. Hence here, simply updating the browser either directly or indirectly might be the only way out there to fix the following F7121-3078 Netflix Error.

  • Go to the Main Menu.
  • Then go to the Addons.
  • Then go to the Plugins.
  • Look for Widevine By Google.
  • Once you are there, tap the Cog icon and choose “Check for updates“.
Netflix Error F7121-3078
Netflix Error F7121-3078

Fix 4: Uncheck and re-check DRM controlled content settings

One user online has claimed that unchecking the DRM controlled option on the browser, and after a reboot, rechecking the DRM option can also help solve the issue. Hence, you too can give this method a try and check to see if it can help with the particular error.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Choose General.
  • Go to Digital Rights Management (DRM) Content.
  • Now Uncheck the box “Play DRM-controlled content”.
  • Close the Firefox.
  • Relaunch the Firefox.
  • Then go back to the settings.
  • Choose General.
  • Go to Digital Rights Management (DRM) Content.
  • Now Check the box “Play DRM-controlled content”.
Netflix Error F7121-3078

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