How To Fix Netflix Error Code F7351?

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Here we are going to share the details for the Netflix error code F7351 which reads “Pardon the interruption. Sorry, we are having trouble with your request.”

As per our research, the error mainly comes when users try to play anything from the Netflix library but the error doesn’t let them do that.

Also, the error mostly comes to those who use Netflix from their web browser.

As per the users’ complaints, they can sign in to Netflix without any issues and even they can access the Netflix library but as they try to play anything they get this error.

According to our research, this error mainly comes when there is some conflict between the user’s browser and Netflix.

Netflix Error Code F7351

Fixes For Netflix Error Code F7351

Fix 1: Check If Your Browser Need To Be Updated

Firstly, check if you need to update your browser.

As we have mentioned above the error mainly comes because of any conflict between the browser and Netflix, so if you are using an outdated version of your browser then this likely can be the culprit for the issue.

So simply check if you need to update your browser, if you find any pending updates for your browser then consider updating it and then check for the error again.

Fix 2: Check Media.mediasource Settings

If you are using a Firefox browser and your browser is up to date but the error is still coming then try checking your Media.mediasource settings and make sure it is set to enabled.

  • Go to the Firefox address bar;
  • Type about:config and press Enter;
  • If you get a warning page then select the option “Accept the Risk and Continue”;
  • Then choose Show All.
  • Then look for “media.mediasource” from the search bar;
  • Then make sure “media.mediasource” is enabled.

Fix 3: Try Using Any Other Browser

Next, you can try using any other browser of your choice. This way you can confirm if this is a browser related issue or something else.

You are free to choose any alternate browser of your choice, just make sure that whatever browser you are using is up to date with its latest version.

Fix 4: Try Playing Any Other Titles

If you also tried using any alternate browser but the error is still coming then we will advise you to try playing any other titles.

If the error is coming with any specific title or episode then it can be possible that currently there is some problem with that particular title and you should wait for a day or two before trying to play that title again.

In case the error occurs no matter what you are trying to play then we will suggest you to reach out to the Netflix support team to report the issue.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Netflix Error Code F7351 Say?

The error reads “Pardon the interruption. Sorry we are having trouble with your request”.

When Does The Netflix Error Code F7351 Occur?

The error mainly comes upon playing any titles from the Netflix library.

What Are The Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Netflix Error Code F7351?

To fix the error users should try checking updates for their browser, checking Media.mediasource settings if they are using a Firefox browser, using any alternate browser, checking if the error is coming with a specific title or with everything, and reaching out to the Netflix support.

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