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Netflix Error Code TVQ-ST-118

Netflix has a lot of error codes for a website that wants you to “Chill”. 

Ironically, you will not face these error codes very often. There are many of these error codes listed on the platform and the official website but you will only need an analysis of the error code when you actually encounter the error code.

You can now watch Netflix on a variety of devices. Some of them are Playstation and Xbox as well which are primarily used for gaming.

However, it leads to various compatibility issues across devices and you will need to look at the error code from the perspective of the device that you are using.

There is a great official support website on Netflix that mentions all the error codes in detail in accordance with the fixes that will suit different devices.

We have picked those solutions and expanded on them further with some useful additions to the fixes from the users as well.

In this article, we will discuss the Netflix error code tvq-st-118. Different devices and their issues will be taken care of that cause the error code  tvq-st-118 on Netflix.

What is the error code tvq-st-118 on Netflix?

The code that you are reading is just a developer name for the issue that you are facing.

In order to understand what you are dealing with, you need to first understand the meaning of this error code.

If you are witnessing the error code tvq-st-118 on Netflix, it means that whatever device you are using for Netflix streaming needs a data refresh.

There will also be a sentence displayed with the error code that states Netflix Encountered an error. Retrying in some seconds.

Why this happens will be discussed in the next section where we discuss the reasons for this error code.

reasons behind the error code tvq-st-118 on Netflix

The data problem causing the Netflix streaming to stop needs to be analyzed in the terms of the reasons that cause this error code across devices.

Here is a list of reasons that could be behind the error code  tvq-st-118 on Netflix.

  • Cookies and cache backup on the browser
  • Cookies and cache backup on the device
  • The device is malfunctioning
  • The Netflix server is down
  • The internet connection is weak
  • The public network you are using is blocking Netflix
  • There is a DNS issue causing Netflix streaming to pause

These are several reasons that can explain the error code tvq-st-118 across devices.

how To Fix Netflix error code tvq-st-118?

Now let’s move to the last and the most important section.

This is the section that you are here for. However, please make sure to read the above sections for a better context of the error code.

Here is how you can solve the error code tvq-st-118 on Netflix.

Fix 1: Temporary network glitch

In case of a temporary glitch, switch off the Netflix platform on whatever device you are streaming, leave it alone for a few minutes, and then try to log in again. 

Check if the error gets resolved.

If this does not solve your problem then the glitch was not temporary and you will need to try out the other solutions on the list.

Fix 2: Cookies and cache backup on the browser

Since we have clearly stated that this error code is a data-related error on your device, there might be a problem with the data backup on your browser.

That is if you are streaming through a web browser.

While you are at it, also check the compatibility of the web browser that you are using and whether the browser supports Netflix.

Clear the cache and cookies on the browser, refresh the page, and then try to stream again.

Fix 3: Cookies and Cache Backup on the device

If you are not streaming on a browser but you are streaming on some other device like Xbox or PS4, you might have to clear cookies and cache data there as well.

This data is designed to help us but unfortunately, it hogs a lot of device memory if not cleaned for a long time.

Clean this data and try to stream again. If this does not help, it is time to try other fixes on the list.

Fix 4: The Public network that you are using has blocked Netflix access

If you are using a public network, especially when it is an organization network like a school, library, or office, you might find access to many websites is blocked.

Netflix is quite often found on the block list for organization networks as they want to reduce distractions in the premises.

If you have access to the administrator, you can request them to grant you access to the platform.

The other option can be to switch the network to a private one.

Fix 5: The Netflix server is down

This rarely happens for extended periods of time but it can happen. Many sites crash due to a surprise influx of traffic on a large scale.

The server also has scheduled outages for maintenance.

You can get information on the Netflix server outage by a simple Google search. They redirect you to down detector sites that gather user data and determine whether a particular server is down.

Fix 6: The used device is glitching

The device that you use for streaming has a high impact on the performance of Netflix. If the device is malfunctioning, then Netflix is no exception to work.

You might need to conduct a power cycle on the device as well as take even further measures like resetting the device if the problem becomes too severe.

Fix 7: DNS issues on the device

The Domain name system is the identification marker of the IP address of the device that you are using for the Netflix stream.

If you have DNS settings that do not support your connection to Netflix, then it is time to switch your DNS settings.

Here is how you can do that easily if this seems too technical to you.

  • Launch the main menu
  • Choose Network
  • Choose Set up Internet Connection
  • According to the network, you are using pick from Custom for Wifi, and Custom>Operational for a LAN cable connection.
  • Change the IP address settings to Automatic
  • Change the DNS settings to Automatic
  • Change the DHCP Host settings to Don’t Specify
  • Save Changes

Check if this solves the issue for you.

Fix 8: Contact the Netflix support team

If these elaborate fixes did not work their charm to eliminate the error code tvq-st-118 on Netflix, then it is time you get a technical opinion from Netflix customer support.

Since nothing on Netflix is for free you are entitled to 24/7 assistance with whatever issues you might face on the platform. 

You can contact the Netflix Customer Support team here.


Netflix takes care that the platform works seamlessly for its users. However, sometimes things are not in Netflix’s hands as the problems might be on the user’s end.

Still, Netflix mentions the different causes of the error code and their fixes so that the users do not have to struggle.

We have elaborated on the fixes of the error code tvq-st-118 on Netflix. Hopefully, this helped you get back to your favorite show without delay.

Happy Streaming!!

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