How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110-1100?

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Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110-1100

We are sure that you know the Nintendo Switch is dependent on a network connection to function.

If you do not have a stable internet connection, or the Switch is not able to recognize the error code, you will face issues on the Switch. These issues are explained through the different error codes on the official Nintendo website.

In this article, we will discuss the Nintendo Switch error code 2110-1100.

This is an issue that shows up when the Nintendo Switch is not able to detect a wired or wireless connection. 

We will discuss the different issues that could be behind this error code and the solutions that can help get rid of the error code in the next section.

Let’s get into the solutions to the error code 2110-1100.

Fixes For Nintendo Switch error code 2110-1100?

The error code 2110-1100 on the Nintendo Switch is related to the non-detection of the network connection on the device.

This could be because of the issues on your network connection or could also be because of a specific issue related to the LAN adapter. We will discuss the possibilities here with the solutions.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

The first thing that we should check for the error code 2110-1100 is the internet connection. Before dwelling deep into the issues with the internet, let’s look at the surface issues.

Check the internet stability and the internet speed on your connection. 

You can do this through any free internet speed meter on Google. These websites send pings to your connection to determine the upload as well as the download speed of your connection. 

If the internet connection is slow, check your internet plan for the highest speed limit. Change the internet plan accordingly. 

You can also talk to the internet service provider in case you think that there might be some other issue on their end that is affecting your internet stability.

Fix 2: The Switch is unable to detect your internet connection

If you have recently made any changes to your Nintendo Switch or the network environment which includes your network devices, the error code 2110-1100 might show up.

This is because the network that you are using will no longer show up on the list of “Found Networks” when you search on the console. 

If you are undergoing a similar issue in similar circumstances, then you should follow these steps to make the console find your network.

  • Fish out the console and find the Y button.
  • Press the Y button. This will make the console scan for the available networks. 
  • Find your network on the list and make the choice.
  • You need to perform this step after every change you make to the network or the console.

Fix 3: Check if your USB LAN adapter was installed correctly

The specific issue with the error code 2110-1100 is the incorrect installation of the USB LAN adapter.

If you have recently installed a USB LAN and you have started experiencing this error code on your Nintendo Switch, the device is not installed correctly. This can happen when you try to install it on your own instead of calling in an experienced technician.

We will suggest that you take the help of an experienced technician to rectify the issue with the USB LAN.

Fix 4: Contact the Nintendo Support team

These are the solutions that are most likely to work for the error code 2110-1100 on the Nintendo Switch.

If these solutions have not helped you then it means that there is some deeper issue on the console that needs to be identified to solve the issue. You can raise a support ticket with the official Nintendo website and they can help with the issue that you are facing. They might even recommend technicians that can help eradicate the issue.

To Conclude

The error code 2110-1100 on the Nintendo Switch is an issue with the console not being able to detect the network that you are using.

We have mentioned the issues that might be causing this error code on your console. One of the specific ones might be the issue with the USB LAN. The suggestions from the official support team are mentioned in the document to help you with the issue.

We hope that these solutions were helpful. Keep following for more technical and gaming advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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