Fixes For PSN Error ‘Playstation An Error Occurred While Adding Your Paypal Account’

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The error says “An Error Occurred While Adding Your Paypal Account”, and as the error suggests the error occurs on the screen when you are trying to link your PayPal account to PlayStation. The error mainly occurs when you try to link another country’s PlayStation account with another country’s PayPal account such as you are trying to connect a Mexico PayPal with a US PSN account. But on some occasions, this error can also occur to those accounts whole PSN and PayPal accounts are from the same country.

If you are having this error on your Playstation while linking PayPal then below you can find all the details with all the workarounds you can try to fix this error.

Playstation An Error Occurred While Adding Your Paypal Account

How To Fix ‘Playstation An Error Occurred While Adding Your Paypal Account’?

Fix 1: Are The Country Of Your PSN Account And PayPal Account the Same?

The main reason for the error is not matching the country of the PSN account and the Paypal account. If your PayPal account is from another country and your PSN account is from another country then this error is very obvious.

In this case, the only workaround you have is to match the country of the PSN account and PayPal account.

For example: If you are using a USA PayPal account then make sure you are also using a USA Playstation account. Otherwise, you can make a PSN account as per your country.

In case your PayPal account and PSN account belong to the same country but the error is still coming then try the other below-given workarounds.

Playstation An Error Occurred While Adding Your Paypal Account

Fix 2: Check If You Already Have A PSN Account Linked To Your Paypal

Check if you already have a PSN account linked to your Paypal. To check that log in to your Paypal account and then visit the Paypal settings. If you find an existing PSN account linked to the PayPal account then consider removing it and then try re-linking the accounts.

Note: In case you get any error while removing the PSN account under PayPal then go to your PSN account and turn off the two-factor authentication. Then go to your PayPal account settings and then try removing the PSN account.

Fix 3: Use The Gift Cards

If the issue continues and you are done with the above-given workarounds then we will suggest you to use a Gift Card. Simply buy a Gift card and then top up your PSN account by redeeming the Gift card.

Note: Meanwhile you can get in touch with the PayPal and PSN support to report this issue. Maybe there is something that needs to be done from their end in order to resolve this issue.

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