How To Troubleshoot Pokemon Go Error 6?

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The multiplayer mode of the Pokemon Go interface is designed to be handled by the Go Battle League (GBL).

The Pokemon Go error 6 is an error which usually shows up when the game that you are trying to play through GBL cannot find you a match.

The Pokemon Go error 6 is an issue with the server not being able to find a match for you during a GBL gameplay, and this can happen for many different reasons such as a poor internet connection, server issues, or game bugs.

How to get rid of the Pokemon Go error 6?

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

The first thing we always suggest you check when you face an issue with something running through the support of an internet connection is to check the speed and stability of your internet connection.

There is a very slim chance that you will notice the instability of the internet connection if you are able to launch and play the game. It only comes to light when you specifically run a test for the connection speed.

Google an internet speed meter tool and run a speed test for your connection. The report that will be generated after this will determine if your upload and download speed is sufficient for the gameplay that you are trying to launch.

If the speed is slow, try to switch to a different network. This usually works if you are playing on mobile data and switch to a more reliable Wifi connection instead. In other cases, you can talk to your internet service provider and ask for help on the issue.

Fix 2: Check the state of the GBL servers

Since multiplayer games on Pokemon Go can only be accessed through the GBL server, it is important that the GBL server is in the right state.

In many cases, if too many players have logged in to play the game at the same time, the server might crash. The traffic congestion in these cases is too much for the server to take and stay afloat.

To check the status of the GBL server, there are many ways. You can check the official website for Pokemon Go. On the social media pages for the game also you will receive notifications about a supposed server outage. Another easy way to handle this is to Google a Down Detector. On the Down detector search bar, search for GBL server. You will see a report if the server is down and whether other players are facing the same issue that you are facing.

Fix 3: Restart the device

The device that you are playing through can be a victim of technical glitches or too many programs open at once.

When you play games like Pokemon Go, they need to access the majority of the working memory resources of your device and if that is already occupied, you will face troubles with the game that you are trying to launch.

To clear the preoccupations of the working memory of the device, you can perform a power cycle.

This will shut down all the background processes on your device and you will be able to give a fresh start to the game.

Fix 4: Update the app

The Pokemon Go app comes out with newer updates regularly. These updates are conveyed to the version of the game on your device when you accept and install the latest version on your device.

The notification for the newer updates available might not reach you if you have turned the notifications off on your device settings. This is why many players lose out on the opportunity to update the game on time.

If you face error 6 on the game, it is possible that the game version on your device is not compatible with the current version on the market. To eliminate this issue, check for the latest updates on the game and install the latest version if available.

Fix 5: Clear the data related to the app cache 

There is certain information about the app and the files that are stored for frequent use in the form of cache data.

These files that are stored in the form of app data and cache are temporary files and can be deleted without any significant impact on the game except for the fact that the game will launch a little bit slow the next time you launch it.

However, the disadvantages of not clearing this data regularly can impact the game performance because not only does it use the memory resources on your device but can also get corrupt over time.

Using corrupt files on your device is definitely not a smooth experience.

Launch the game settings and clear the game cache and data. See if this solves your issue.

Fix 6: Contact the Niantic Support team

If none of the solutions that we have listed above have helped bail you out from the issue, you need to contact the Niantic Support team

Explain the exact issue to them and also the circumstances after which you started experiencing the issue. The support team will check their database to reveal if your account has been blocked due to any violations and also other issues that can be rectified on their end.

You can also visit the player forums that reside on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Issues like this are discussed on the forums with unconventional solutions that helped other players get rid of the issue on their devices.

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