Power-user Overview: a life-saving add-in for heavy users of PowerPoint and Excel

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Power-user Overview

Power-user is a must-have productivity solution for anyone working a lot with Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. It works as an add-in, bringing dozens of advanced features directly in your Office applications.

No more spending hours to create average presentations! You can now create twice as fast presentations that will impress your audience like never before.

Instead of reinventing the wheel with every new slide, assemble presentations in minutes thanks to a unique library of templates and other visual content. 

Unlock new superpowers and automate formatting to detect remaining mistakes and give the final touch to your document.

With brand compliance by default, you will no longer need to manually format what you create, it will be done automatically, helping you and your team secure consistency and delivering presentations that look like made by a professional designer.

Key Features Of Power-user

Power-user actually brings an arsenal of new features into PowerPoint, Excel & Word:

  • Access to a huge library of visual content
  • Alignment and other shape-related buttons
  • Charting capabilities
  • Formatting automation
  • Data cleaning tools for Excel

1. Access to a huge library of visual content

One of the most impressive features is the Content Library. It gives users immediate access to a fantastic amount of resources to beautify any presentation:

  • 500 PowerPoint templates
  • 7,000 vector icons and flags
  • Millions of stock pictures
  • Company logos
  • 350 editable maps
  • Dozens of Excel and Word templates
  • Chart templates

Not only this content can be inserted in just 1 click, but it will automatically convert to your own color and font theme, removing the need for any manual formatting.

This content can also be customized at company level to include additional corporate resources.

2. Alignment and other shape-related buttons

How many times do we need to align some shapes in PowerPoint? Literally hundreds of times for any presentation. So Power-user has re-imagined the ribbon to offer an optimized experience designed specifically for heavy users of PowerPoint. 

This ribbon regroups almost every existing PowerPoint button, accessible in just 1 click from any slide, instead of having to constantly switch between all the usual tabs. It makes it super smooth and very efficient to work on slides, cutting in half the number of clicks needed for any action.

But most importantly, it offers new buttons to make it super easy to work with shapes. One can swap shapes position, position them symmetrically on the slide, stack them, give them the same height or width, bring them closer or move them further apart, merge or split them, instantly select similar shapes, and so much more! 

3. Charting capabilities

Excel and PowerPoint usually work together so we can present data in a visual way. Charts are essential for this part, and Power-user makes charting easier.

With this add-in, you will be able to browse chart templates. All the designed is already made for you, and will be automatically adjusted to your colors upon insertion so that you only need to input your own values.

Power-user also enables new chart types that would be otherwise impossible to create with just PowerPoint or Excel, such as Mekko charts, Sankey charts or Tornado charts.

4. Formatting automation

There is nothing more meaningless than spending hours and hours trying to format a presentation and make it brand compliant. But with Power-user, a great deal of this low added-value task magically vanishes.

Automate entire reports and update charts and tables by linking Excel data to PowerPoint. This way you don’t have to copy, paste, resize, reposition and reformat them every time your data gets updated.

Structure your presentation with the Agenda feature, letting you create and update table of contents automatically.

Check your presentation for errors, detect them and fix them automatically using the Clean feature which should soon become your checklist to feel safe before sharing any presentation.

Make fonts consistent, ensure title alignment, replace non-theme colors, harmonize bullets, restore missing page numbers and footers, etc.

5. Data cleaning tools for Excel

Power-user can also help Excel analyst by fixing their data, cleaning a database, shortening formulas and other macros that the add-in can run to get you out of painful Excel situations.

Pros and cons Of Power-User

Power-user has an impressive quantity of smart, time-saving features that can really make life easier for PowerPoint and Excel users.

The Library in particular is likely the most comprehensive collection of templates, icons, maps and other content on the market and definitely a fantastic help. The easiness to align objects and work in PowerPoint is also really a game-changer.

On the other hand, it’s a bit of a shame that Power-user currently doesn’t have many features for Word, due to the fact that they only started expanding to that application more recently.

How to use Power-User?

Power-user can be downloaded for free from the Power-user add-in website. It includes a free trial with all features for 3 months. Then users can either keep a free forever version which is quite limited, or get a Premium license through one of the available plans.

FAQS about Power-user

What are the software compatibility requirements?

Power-user is compatible with any version of PowerPoint, Excel and Word since Office 2007 on Windows. It is however not yet compatible with Mac iOS.

What if I don’t want to keep it after the trial?

The trial license doesn’t require a credit card, so if you don’t want to keep Power-user after that you don’t need to do anything, your license will simply expire on its own.

Where can we find resources and support?

The Support Center provides all the relevant resources to get started. It includes a knowledge base with a user guide describing in detail how each feature work, video tutorials, but also solution articles for all the known issues. From this center users can also create tickets to get support, with an impressive response time of just 4h on average.

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