How To Fix PS4 (Playstation 4) Error Code wc-40329-8?

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Usually, users have reported the following PS4 Error Code wc-40329 whenever they try to purchase something or redeem a coupon on PS stores. This occurs mainly as a result of a server issue or a payment gateway problem which happens mostly during festive seasons as a result of high traffic influx or traffic on their servers. 

PS4 Error Code wc-40329-8

Currently, there are not many solutions out there which seem to work to solve the following error. Hence, the best option would be to simply wait it out till there is lesser traffic influx or the problem gets resolved at the PSN server end itself. 

Playstation 4 Error wc-40329-8

There have been other occasions as well when the error has shown up out of the blue even when there is no festive rush or there are no issues at the server end. In such situations, it is doubted that the error may have shown up as a result of payment gateway issues due to a difference in the regions and currencies.

How to fix PS4 Error Code wc-40329-8?

Fix 1: Try Different Payment Methods

As I have said before, there is nothing much you can do here anyways but to try out different payment methods, if you think the error is occurring as a result of a payment gateway problem. 

Playstation 4 Error Code wc-40329-8

Fix 2: Contact Customer Support

You can either wait it out till the problem gets resolved on its own. Or, if in case you have already made payments or you had been accidentally charged without being able to actually purchase what you intended too. Then, in such cases you may want to directly contact PSN’s official support and discuss a way to refund the amount from them which accidentally had been deducted from your account. 

PS4 Error wc-40329-8

It is however important to note here that, when dealing with such accidental charges, you contact PSN customer support first, instead of your credit card company or bank. This is because whenever you contact your credit card company first and ask them to cancel the transaction giving them the reason to be a fraudulent charge as explained by the user in the screenshot below. Then, in such cases, your PSN account might get banned, as has happened with many other users who had made this similar mistake. 

Hence, it is important that you must first try to contact PSN’s customer support and ask them for a refund or discuss a way out of the error. This way, you should be able to save yourself from any kind of ban and at the same time, get a more detailed explanation on when or how the following error might get resolved. 

Error Code wc-40329-8

Fix 3: Find out more on social media outlets

PS4 Error wc-40329-8

If the error has occurred during the festive seasons as had been explained above. Then, you could be certain that you are not the only one facing the problem. 

You can be sure of this, by either heading to third party websites such as downdetector or istheservicedown. Or, head to their PSN’s official website and check whether the servers are up and running fine there. 

You can also keep track of the status of the servers or know more about the error by heading to PSN’s various social media outlets and discussing the error with other users there as well. 

This way you get a fair idea of who else or where the error is showing up as well and decide better on how to deal with the following issue. 

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