How To Fix Rec Room Error Code “Notebook” “Note” & “Pencil?

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Rec Room Error Code Notebook Note and Pencil

Are you getting the error code “Notebook” “Note” or “Pencil”? If yes then in this post we are going to share the possible workaround which you should do if you receive the error code “Notebook” “Note” or “Pencil” with Rec Room.

How To Fix Rec Room Error Code “Notebook” “Note” & “Pencil?

Fix 1: Check The Rec Room Server Status

As per the official statement, Rec Room Error Code Notebook mainly occurs because of any issue with the server which means that in most of the cases the reason behind the error is the rec room server, not you.

There are also two other errors “Note” & “Pencil” which also occur because of the same reasons.

So wherever you get the error code “Notebook” “Note” or “Pencil” visit the official Rec Room subreddit or their Discord to check if there is any information about ongoing server maintenance or server outrage.

If there is any server maintenance work going on or if there is any server outrage then this is the reason behind the error and all you can do is wait till the server gets back to normal.

Fix 2 Contact Rec Room Support

If in case there is no issue with the server then you need to contact Rec Room support to report the issue as there is not much in your hand to fix the error.

But before contacting their support team please make sure that your internet is working properly and you are using the latest version of the Rec Room.

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