How To Fix Roomba error 38?

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Last Updated on November 5, 2022
Roomba Error 38

Roomba Error code 38 tells you that your unit is having an internal communication error.

If you are also having this error then stick with this post to find the possible workarounds to fix the Roomba error 38.

How To Fix Roomba Error Code 38?

Fix 1: Press the CLEAN button

The best and easy fix for this error is pressing the clean button.

Even some Roomba models will ask you to click the clean button whenever you come across this error.

But whether you are getting the message to press the clean button or not. To fix this error it’s recommended to press the clean button.

Fix 2: Change the Position of the Home Base

If pressing the clean button is not fixing the error then try changing the position of the Home base.

Sometimes this error can occur if your robot is unable to communicate with its home base. This can happen because of any large obstructions between the robot and its home base.

So make sure you have placed the home base in an open area where there is not any object which can obstruct its IR transmitters and receivers. For example: Glass, Plexiglas, Wood, etc.

Fix 3: Reboot Your Robot

If the error continues then try rebooting your robot.

To reboot your robot you need to press and hold the clean button on the unit for 20 seconds.

If in case rebooting the unit doesn’t fix the error then contact the customer support.

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