How To Resolve Sky Mobile Error Code 0?

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Error code 0 usually appear on the Sky Mobile whenever a user tries to send text messages from their Sky mobile SIM cards, the error hence, prevents users from sending texts whenever it appears.

Sky Mobile Error Code 0

As of now, there are no official solutions to the following error. While doing our research on the following error code, we have seen many users reporting about the particular error code, without any kind of solutions available from Sky Mobile’s side. 

In addition to that, no users too have reported any solution related to the particular error. Hence, we have sadly assumed that there may not be any working solutions out there as of now, and as per our recommendation you to contact the SKY Mobile support to ask for resolution.

Sky Mobile Error Code 0

Fixes For Sky Error Code 0

Although, there is no specific or definite working solution to solve the following error. Still, you may want to try a few steps as mentioned by the user in the screenshot below, to try and see if following that can help with the error. 

Sky Mobile Error 0
  • Firstly, head to your contact list and delete the contact which is giving you the error whenever you try to send a message to that particular number.
  • Then, reboot or restart your mobile device and after rebooting your mobile device, add the same number to your contact list. 
  • Once done, try sending a text message to the newly saved number and check to see if the error still shows up. 

And even though, no user has reported the above mentioned steps to have worked for them in solving the issue, still, you may want to try it out, as it is the only one reported solution online we have managed to come across so far.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Sky Mobile error code 0 occur?

The error usually occurs when users try to send a message to a particular number from their Sky Mobile SIM.

What happens because of the Sky Mobile error code 0?

The error prevents users from sending any text messages from the phone number registered to Sky Mobile.

What are the troubleshooting steps to fix Sky error code 0?

Even though there is no official working solution available to fix the particular error. You can try deleting the particular number giving you trouble from your contact list, then, save the deleted number under the same or different name after you have rebooted your handset device and try sending a text again to the same number which initially gave the error to check if it still shows the error.

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