How To Troubleshoot Strava Error Code 401?

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Strava Error Code 401

It is no use getting into workouts when you cannot track the results and manage future strategies accordingly.

This is why many apps and websites exist to make it easier for you to track your workout schedule and results. Strava is one of them. There are many features on the platform that make it a user favorite. However, there are also some issues with the app.

In this article, we aim to discuss the Strava error code 401.

This is an authorization issue with the app. The reasons can be incorrect API tokens, access credentials issues, and permission problems with the website. We will discuss these issues in detail in the section below where we also talk about the solutions for the error code 401.

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How to get rid of the Strava error code 401?

Strava error code 401 might show up regardless of if you are using the app, website, or a third-party application.

It is an issue with the authorization of the account. You might be missing the necessary permissions to access the platform. We will discuss the roadmap to this issue in the next section.

Fix 1: Check your API access token

Many people use Strava through third-party applications. These third-party applications need to use API tokens to access Strava.

In case you have entered the wrong API token, the authorization process on the platform will not be completed. You need to check the details of the application to see if they match the API token that you have entered to access Strava.

Fix 2: Refresh the authorization status

The app must be authenticated and provided with the necessary permissions to run on your device.

If the application is not authorized, you will face the error code 401. Check that you have logged in with the correct credentials and there are no permissions pending that you still need to clear.

Fix 3: Check if your authorization has been revoked or has expired

The authorization access of the application is subject to revoking or expiration. If you face the error code 402, you must see if you still have authorization and the necessary permissions to run the app.

If the authorization has been revoked, you will need to complete the authorization process again.

Fix 4: Clean the cookies and cache on the browser

If you are using the website to access Strava, you need to clean the cookies and cache on the web browser.

The cookies and cache data on the browser are stored so that you do not have to enter the same information repeatedly. This data is only helpful till the time it is in control and not piling up on the working memory. To make sure this does not happen, you need to clean the cookies and cache data at regular intervals.

If you face the error code 401, clean the cookies and cache data to see if it solves the problem.

Fix 5: Update Strava Routes on the Garmin Connect app

If you are trying to set Strava routes through the Garmin Connect app, and facing the error code 401,  you need to update the Strava routes.

Here is the process for doing that.

  • Launch the Menu section
  • Click on Garmin Devices
  • Click on Select Your Device
  • Click on Activities, apps, and more
  • Click on Activities and Applications
  • When you see Strava Routes, click on Update.

This can also be achieved in one other way.

  • Launch the settings in the Garmin app. You will find this under the “Partner Apps”
  • Click on Strava 
  • When you see routes on the bottom, click on turn on. 

This should solve the error code 401 on Strava using the Garmin app.

Fix 6: Try to use a different browser or device

If you are facing the error code repeatedly, and you’re sure that the API key entered is correct, you might be facing issues due to your browser or device.

There are some browsers that might not support all the features of Strava and if you are using an unconventional browser, this is definitely a possibility.

Try to switch to a different web browser. Use common browsers like Edge and Chrome to see if it was a browser-specific issue.

Also, check to see if the device that you are using is the issue by logging in through another device. If it is, troubleshoot the connections on the original device and look for the root of the issue.

Fix 7: Check the settings on your Firewall

When you suddenly start facing errors on certain platforms on your device, you can look towards the firewall as a reason.

The network firewall has the authority and permissions to block any connections it deems unfit for the device’s safety over a network. If it has blocked Strava from accessing the network, this might be your issue.

Check the list of websites blocked by the network firewall. If you find Strava on the list, remove it and also add it to the list of allowed websites so that it does not happen again.

Fix 8: Wait and come back later

There are some server-specific issues that can cause issues on Strava when there are no other issues on your device, browser, or API token.

To check if the status of the Strava server is down, you can Google Down Detector. In the search bar, type Strava.

You will now see a real-time outage report for the Strava server. If the server is down, you need to wait and come back later.

Fix 9: Contact the Strava Support

The Strava Support team can help you in cases where none of the solutions above have helped you to get rid of the error code 401.

You can raise a support query and a support ticket will be generated to help you with the error code. You can track this support ticket to get an idea of what is the status of the assistance on your issue.

To conclude

The error code 401 on Strava is an authorization error. If the account is not authorized, you will not be able to access the features on Strava.

We have mentioned the different solutions that can help you get rid of the error code 401 and back into the app. 

We hope that we were able to help you with the issue. Keep following for more gaming and technical advice.

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