How To Fix Ticketmaster error code 0001?

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Ticketmaster Error Code 0001

You can be one of the people who hate Ticketmaster or you can be someone who swears by it whenever you need to book tickets but it is fact that you cannot ignore it.

There are so many exclusive events on Ticketmaster that you cannot even find tickets elsewhere for that you might have tried the platform on one or more occasions.

The platform is popular and many people use it on the regular. It also leads to frequent clashes on the site.

There are many error codes that may also show up and to have a seamless experience each time on the platform for buying tickets, especially for high-demand events is next to impossible.

You have to deal with the error codes and try to apply fixes in order to get back onto the platform. Thankfully, there is a directory of the error codes that explain each error code on the platform along with the detailed fixes.

In this article, we will discuss the Ticketmaster error code 0001. 

This is most likely the first code on the directory. We will also discuss what this error code means, what causes it, and what has helped other users with the same error code to get back on the platform.

What is the error code 0001 on Ticketmaster?

The error code 0001 on Ticketmaster will plague the platform transactions every now and then.

It is very important to understand what is the platform trying to bring your attention to when this error code shows up.

The error code 0001 on Ticketmaster shows up when there is an inconsistency in the seating arrangement.

This also happens more often than you can imagine. This is an easy to fix but a very common error code especially when the user volume is too high and everyone is aiming for the same set of seats.

Let’s discuss why this might happen in the next section.

reasons behind the error Code 0001 on Ticketmaster

There might be many reasons behind their error code 0001 on Ticketmaster. To get to the point of understanding how to solve this problem, you will need to understand all the reasons behind the error code.

We will make a list of reasons in this section and you will be able to identify the likely cause after you take a look at the list.

Here is why you might be facing the error code 0001 on Ticketmaster.

  • You are trying to buy more tickets than are available at the moment.
  • The tickets that you selected were bought by someone else before your transaction could go through
  • The event has been sold out
  • The Ticketmaster server is down
  • The internet connection is weak.
  • There is a cache overload on the browser
  • There is a cookie planted on your browser
  • There are extensions on the browser that conflict with the Ticketmaster platform.

Out of this list of reasons, there are certain issues that can be solved and there are certain reasons that might not have any fixes.

However, we will discuss the list of fixes that have helped many other users in the same situation.

How To Fix Ticketmaster error code 0001?

We have explored the list of reasons that the error code 0001 may show up on Ticketmaster. This might have provided you with the insight that was needed to understand what aspect you need to solve with respect to your particular problem.

In this section, we will discuss in detail what solutions you can employ to get rid of the error code 0001 on Ticketmaster.

Fix 1: Your internet connection is weak

When you are trying to book tickets on Ticketmaster, a steady and stable connection to the server is necessary so that the commands that you provide through your device can reach the server.

This is impossible with a weak internet connection.

If you are in an area that has low network coverage, try to get back to a place where the connection is stable. 

If there are other problems with the internet connection you are facing, contact the internet service provider for help.

Fix 2: Check if the Ticketmaster server is down

The Ticketmaster server goes down very often when there is a popular event and people are flocking to the platform to buy tickets in a hurry.

Although the platform takes adequate measures to ensure that this does not happen, it still is inevitable if infinite users log in at the same time.

To make sure that the server is down, you can use any down detector website on the internet. These are free of cost and use the experiences and complaints from other users to determine whether a server is down. 

If the server is indeed down, you can do nothing except wait for the issue to be resolved.

Fix 3: You are trying to buy tickets in the area where too few seats are available

If you are trying a buy a huge volume of tickets in an area with very few seats available, then you will not be able to book the tickets that you wish.

The transaction will not go through and you will witness the error code 0001. 

Make sure that you calculate the number of seats that you want and choose from the area with maximum availability.

Fix 4: Act fast to avoid sell out

When you are buying tickets for an extremely popular event, you are competing against all the other users who are trying to buy the same seats.

There might be a sell-out of the event if you do not make a move and act fast.

Sometimes, the transaction does not go through because someone else got the same seats before you.

In this case, you can try other platforms to book the tickets instead.

Fix 5: There is a cache buildup on the browser

The browser you are trying to book through might have a cache overload and therefore, the full functionality of the platform will not be available.

Log out of the account, and clear the cookies on the browser. Initiate a refresh and then log in to try to purchase the tickets again.

This might help you book the tickets that you want.

Fix 6: There is a cookie planted on the browser

Sometimes, to avoid suspicious activity on the platform, Ticketmaster plants cookies on your browser, and that prevents you from accessing the platform to book tickets.

In this case, you will need to clear the cookies on the browser before you proceed.

Log out of the account, and clear the cookies on the browser. Now refresh and log in again to try to book the tickets.

Fix 7: There are extensions on your browser that are conflicting with Ticketmaster

There are certain browser extensions that may stop you from accessing Ticketmaster because they may compete for resources with the platform.

To avoid this situation, you can log in through the incognito mode on the browser. This will help with the extensions not interfering with the Ticketmaster function.

Fix 8: Contact Ticketmaster support

In the cases that nothing has worked for you and money is stuck due to the transaction stalling in the middle you will need to get in touch with the Ticketmaster support team.

They will raise a support ticket and help you with the exact fix.

They may also reimburse the money in cases where the money is stuck.


You already need to act fast on the platforms like Ticketmaster to avoid the event being sold out before you can get your hands on the tickets, it is really irritating when error codes show up to stall the process even further.

We have made a list of fixes to help you with the issue so that you can save precious time.

Hopefully, the list of solutions helped with the issue at hand. Keep following for more technical advice.

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