How To Fix If “Twitch Mods Tab Not Loading”?

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Twitch is one of the world’s leading video live streaming platform which is mostly used by gamers to Livestream the games with their fans and also live-stream other awesome things online.

Recently the users of twitch noticed a strange error while live streaming that is “Twitch mods tab not loading” when you try to open the mods tab it will keep on loading but never complete loading, we know this is an annoying error and if you are facing this error, don’t worry read this article till the end and you should have twitch mods not loading error fixed.

Reason for Twitch mods not loading Error

If you are confused about why you are facing this error on your twitch application, we have listed out the possible reasons for this error below, read and know more about this bug.

  • Network Issue: If your ISP server is facing some temporary errors due to which your network has issues, this problem can occur. Make sure you are not too far away from your router if you are using wireless internet, as it can cause this error sometimes too.
  • Permissions: Twitch requires administrative rights to perform all the actions, so if you have not launched twitch as an Administrator, it can cause Twitch app mods tab not loading issue.
  • Firewall: If your firewall or PC security settings are blocking the twitch connection to its server, it can cause this error.
  • Sign- In Glitch: If there was any network loss when you signed in to your twitch account, it can cause some glitch which can result in Twitch mods not loading error.

These are some of the commons factors that can cause the twitch mods tab not loading issue, now it’s time to fix it. Follow the solutions given below to fix this error instantly.

How To Fix If Twitch Mods Not Loading Error?

Following are the most working fixes to this issue, try out all of them till your problem is solved and don’t forget to comment and let us know about which of the fixes given here worked for you, it can help other readers like yourself.

Solution 1: Delete App Data

The stored temporary app data can block twitch from completing the connection with its server so delete the twitch app data and log in to your account freshly to fix the twitch mods not loading issue. Follow the steps given below exactly to delete all the twitch app data.

Step 1: Open Run Command window by pressing “Windows + R” Keys on your windows PC.
Step 2: Type “%AppData%” without the quotes, in Run and press enter.
Step 3: In the AppData directory find the folder named “Twitch” and open it.
Step 4: Press “Ctrl + A” key to select all the files and press “Shift + Delete” key to delete all the files in the twitch directory.
Step 5: Now close the App data folder and launch Twitch application and the mods tab should be working now.

If this solution didn’t work for you, follow the other solutions given below.

Solution 2: Install .NET Framework

.NET Framework is a requirement to run Twitch without any bugs on Windows PC, if you have not yet installed it on your computer, it might be the reason for Mods not loading in twitch. Follow the steps given below to install the .NET Framework on your PC.

Step 1: Download the .NET Framework installer from here.
Step 2: Run the downloaded installer file and follow the on-screen installation instruction to complete the installation of the .NET Framework in your PC.
Step 3: Restart your PC and check if the problem is fixed now.

Solution 3: Reinstall Twitch Application

If you are using an outdated version of Twitch application on your PC or if any of the application folder is corrupted, it has a high chance of creating the problem of twitch mods tab not loading issue, so uninstall and install the latest update of twitch on your PC to solve this issue.

Step 1: Go to “Add or Remove Applications” settings in your Windows Control panel.
Step 2: Select “Twitch” app and click on Uninstall and select confirm when asked, to delete Twitch from your PC completely.
Step 3: Go to twitch official website and download the installer to the latest version of twitch.
Step 4: Complete the twitch installation and open the app and the mods tab should be working perfectly now.

Solution 4: Whitelist Twitch in Windows Firewall

It is possible that the twitch mods not working issue is created by your windows firewall settings that is not letting Twitch to perform its connection requests, follow the steps given below to whitelist Twitch in your Windows firewall protection.

Step 1: Open Windows Control panel from start.
Step 2: Open “Windows Firewall” option in the control panel.
Step 3: In the left side of the screen you will find an option that reads “Allow an App or feature through windows firewall”, click on it.
Step 4: Click on “Change Settings” button to edit the permissions, in the apps list below the button.
Step 5: Enable both Public and Private checkboxes next to “twitch” entries.
Step 6: Restart your PC and check if the error is solved.

These 4 were the solutions that worked for most of the Twitch users who faced the problem, so most probably the error should have been solved for you by now, but in case if the error still persists for you, follow the solutions given below as it has been reported by some users that it solved their Twitch Mods tab error.

Other Solutions to Try

  • Open Twitch Application with administrator privileges by right clicking the twitch app and selecting run as administrator option.
  • Switch off your Router, remove all the cables and clean all the ports in your Router and reconnect all the cables and restart your internet and check if the problem is solved with it.
  • Sometimes just logging out of your twitch account and logging in again solves this error.
  • Boot your PC in Safe mode and try opening Twitch to see if the mods tab is working perfectly, if yes, you will need to use Safe Mode to stream your games on Twitch.


I hope that you fixed Twitch Mods not loading error by yourself with the help of this article, share it with your friends who use Twitch regularly and are annoyed by the same error.

And don’t forget to comment which of the solutions worked for you in the comments section below, and visit Regularly for latest tech updates and Windows Error fixes with easy steps.

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