How to fix Virgin Media error code s102?

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Virgin Media Error Code S102

If you are a Virgin Media subscriber and have been recently seeing the following s102 Error Code on your Virgin Media TV sets. Then, you have come to the right place for solutions.

In the following article, “How to fix Virgin Media Error Code s102?”, shall go through and look at the main causes as well as fixes needed to fix the error for your particular system, so that you can go back to enjoying your favorite TV channels and shows at the earliest.

What causes the Error Code s102 on Virgin Media?

Typically, whenever you see this kind of error message on your TV screens, it basically indicates that there may be an issue with your TiVo box and that there are chances that it might be finding it difficult to access your Virgin Media channel information.

How to fix Virgin Media Error Code s102?

Honestly speaking, there isn’t actually much you can do or get done over here to solve the particular error completely on your own, as with most other troubleshooting methods out there. 

The most you can do however, is to just call up Virgin Media’s customer support and ask them for help and instructions to help you fix the problem, both from their end as well as your end. 

You can either call their representatives on 150 from a Virgin Media mobile, or otherwise call/text on the helpline number 0345 454 1111*. Once you do that, the Virgin Media team should mark your number or profile and reach back to you to help solve any issue faced by you, which in today’s case would be the s102 error code.

Apart from this however, there are a few things which you can do on your own as well, just to be sure that there is no stone unturned from your end while dealing with the s102 error code on your particular Virgin Media and TiVo TV set-ups.  

Fix 1: Check for Virgin Media server and service health on Down Detector

In the following website, “Down Detector” and see the status of TiVo for your particular region or country as can be seen from the screenshot provided below. 

And as you can see from the image above, the following chart or graph clearly indicates if there had been any outages reported in the past 24 hours. Hence, giving a pretty clear indication to whether the problem is remotely just on your TiVo platform or others as well from the particular region or country you are also from. 

If it is a widely occurring problem for all users residing in the same region or demography. Then, simply waiting out till the Virgin Media team takes care of the problem on their own should be the best option.

Fix 2: Try a power cycle of your TV media set

You could also try power cycling or switching off entirely your TV device as well as the media box for a few seconds or minutes as well to try rebooting the network. 

This method too has helped users to get rid of the error message on their own without having to do any kind of hard work at all. Simply switch off your TV set and media box entirely and plug off the devices from the main supply.

Wait for at least 2 to 5 minutes, till it is all cooled down and then plug back in the device, switch on everything and see whether the error still persists when trying to access the channel you desire.


Hence, in this way you by Checking for server status as well as Power Cycling, you should be able to check if not fix entirely the Virgin Media error code s102 for your respective systems pretty much on your own. 

If there are other sites claiming that they have ways to fix the following s102 error code for your Virgin Media and TiVo set up box. Then, know that they are pretty much letting out false information and do not fall prey to it, as it is a problem which is mostly at the company’s site only. In most cases, they should take care of it on their own. 

But, if the problem is not a local one and is only being shown in your case. Then, calling up the Virgin Media customer support is the only best call for you, to solve the issue permanently and efficiently once and for all.

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