How To Fix Vizio Error Code 2901_1?

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Are you try to use Vizio but your screen is not loading and showing the error code 2901_1? If yes then you are at right place as here we are going to share the details for this error.

This error code presents you with the error prompt that says, “Smartcast Home Not Available”

As mentioned above, the error code poses the issue of Smartcast Home not being available for loading. And there can be many reasons for the error like, network issues, device issues, language issues, glitches, and many more.

How to get rid of Vizio error code 2901_1?

Fix 1: Check your network connection

The first step that you will need to take care of is to check if the TV is connected to the network.

In some cases, it will not be obvious if the network connection is available for the TV because you will still be able to access the internet but the speed and stability will not be optional for video streaming.

Here is how you can check the network connection.

  • Launch the Network Menu
  • Click on Test Connection
  • You will see a report which will tell you if the TV is connected to the network.
  • If you see that the network is not connected, you will need to try other solutions on the list.

Fix 2: Reconnect the Router and Modem

If you find out through the network report that the network is not connected to the TV, you will need to reconnect the router and the modem.

There are certain glitches on the network hardware devices like the router and the modem that can cause your network connection to go haywire. You can get the connection back on track through a simple power cycling session.

Fix 3: Change the language of the menu

This is a workaround that can help you to refresh the settings and get rid of the error code 2901_1.

Go to the settings menu, and change the language to any other language like French or Spanish. Refresh the device. Change the language back to English and now you might see that the error code has been eliminated.

Fix 4: Update the Vizio Smart TV

There are some error codes that show up solely because you fail to download the latest update on your TV’s operating system.

If you do not download the latest update on the TV, many new features on the TV might not work. The developers also add new fixes to the bugs they identify in the system. They will still show up on your TV if you do not update the TV. 

When you see the error code on the Vizio TV, it is a good idea to check for pending updates. If you find a newer version, update the software and see if this solves your issue.

Fix 5: Use a wired connection 

If you are using a wireless connection for streaming on Vizio TV, you should try to switch to a wired network instead.

A wired connection is faster and more stable in comparison to a wireless connection. If you switch to a wired connection, also take a look at your internet plan and the speed that it allows. If you are using a basic plan, it might not be sufficient for streaming. You can solve this issue by changing your internet plan.

Fix 6: Reset the TV to the factory settings

The TV might be having some serious issues that cannot be solved by changing any of the settings on the device.

You can however solve the issue by resetting the TV to factory settings. Before taking this step, you need to back up all the important data that you have saved on the TV that cannot be recovered after the reset. 

Reset the TV to the factory settings. Launch the program again and see if the issue gets resolved.

Fix 7: Disable the IPV6 setting on the TV

If you are using the IPV6 setting on your TV after replacing the IPV4 settings, some users have suggested disabling these settings can help get rid of the error code on Vizio.

We know that it can be tricky to figure out how to do this and this is why we will draw a roadmap for you. Here is how you can disable the IPV6 protocol on the Vizio TV.

  • Fish out the Vizio TV remote.
  • Press the Menu button
  • Select the Network option. Then click on Manual Setup.
  • On the screen that you see next, click on IP Settings. 
  • Now select IPV6
  • Select the Off option to disable the IPV6 protocol.
  • To save the changes, click on OK.
  • Restart the Vizio Smart TV.

Fix 8: Contact the Vizio Customer Support team

The Vizio Customer Support team can help you in the instance where none of the above solutions have helped you get rid of the error code 2901_1.

The team will generate a service request on your account that you can personally follow to get rid of the error code. Usually, we suggest that you also visit the user forums but we already did that and there is no significant workaround that the users have found to help you with the error code. This is why you should directly contact the customer support team.

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