How To Fix Webex SSO Protocol Error?

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  • Platform: Webex App | Webex Meetings
  • Error Code: SSO protocol error
  • Error Says: “SSO protocol error. Contact your administrator for further support” | “Single Sign On failed. Invalid Status code in Response”
  • Occurs: The error occurs when the client’s device certificates have not been upgraded or there is a fault in the certificate settings. The Error may also show up if the IdP configuration or attributes are faulty
  • Effect of the Error: The error prevents users from joining meetings or launching the app

The following error may show up in two ways. Either you may see the Webex SSO Protocol Error. Or, you might be prompted with another SSO error saying “Single Sign On failed. Invalid Status code in Response”. And depending on whichever SSO error shows up, you may need to deal with them differently. 

Webex SSO Protocol Error
Webex SSO Protocol Error

However, in both the cases, you will need to check and see whether your system’s certificates are up to date. In cases where the SAML SSO certificate is not up to date. You may need to try updating them in order to fix the following issue. 

Moreover, in addition to that you will also need to check and configure the IdP attributes correctly if they have not been done correctly.

How To Resolve Webex SSO Protocol error?

Fix 1: Update Webex SSO certificate

  • Firstly, head to the following URL: “
  • Then, on the dashboard, head to the Management section and click on the Organization Settings option.
  • Under Organization Settings, click on the Authentication option and click on the SAML certificates. 
  • View the status of the certificate and whichever seem outdated or soon to be outdated, click on the Renew certificate option to update such certificates. 
  • Once done, launch Webex and see if the error still persists. 

Fix 2: Set up IdP with SSO Setup

Since setting up IdP with attributes may differ from one IdP to the other. It would be best to look up the steps for your desired IdP in the following well detailed guide. The guide has been provided by Webex official Help Desk and should provide you with enough information needed to configure and set up your own IdP with SSO.

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