What Does “A Device on Your WiFi Is Casting” Mean On Chromecast?

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“A device on your Wifi is Casting” on Chromecast means that there is a device on your Wifi network that is using the casting feature of Chromecast.

Why do you receive “A Device on Your WiFi Is Casting” Notification?

There are three specific reasons for you to receive this notification. Here they are:

  • You are using Chromecast by yourself to cast through your network.
  • Someone using the same network as you is using Chromecast to cast.
  • Someone is making use of the Guest mode on a Chromecast device belonging to your network.

If you are aware that you are the one using Chromecast, then it is a notification you can ignore but if someone else is using Chromecast on your behalf, there are some concerns.

What is the issue with other people connecting to your Chromecast device?

As we mentioned above, if you receive this notification and have no idea who is connected to your Chromecast device, it can be a little concerning.

Here is why:

  • Privacy issues: the people who are connected to the same network and Chromecast device can see what you are casting. This is a privacy concern for the primary user and you might want to prevent this from happening.
  • Use of Bandwidth: when other people start casting to your Chromecast, they will eat into your bandwidth. This will mean slow internet speed for you. Your getting the notification is a blessing in disguise as it will allow you to understand what is causing slow internet speed and then you can fix it.
  • Control concerns: when other people can control your Chromecast, they are also in full control, to change the settings on your Chromecast. This means that they can not only see what you are watching but also stop your casting sessions.

What can you do to eliminate the possibility of others connecting to your Chromecast device?

There are certain measures that you can take in order to make sure that no one has unauthorized access to your Chromecast device.

We have already mentioned above what can go wrong if you do allow others to have unauthorized access to your Chromecast device so we will suggest that you take all these measures. Here is what you can do:

  • Change the Wifi Password: This step will ensure that all the unauthorized users who have no knowledge about your changed password will be kicked off your network.
  • Create an alternative Guest Network: if you have people whom you would like to have occasional access to your network, you can create an alternative Guest network for them to use. This will make sure that they have only limited access and will not be able to use your Chromecast.
  • Use the Guest Mode on Chromecast: Chromecast also has a feature for creating Guest mode. This also is for the guests that you would like to have occasional access to your Chromecast device. They will not have access to any modification settings on Chromecast and they will not be able to view your castings.
  • Make sure that the Chromecast software is up to date: there are many security updates that are released by Google to make the software bugproof. To make sure that the software is secure, you need to update to the latest version.
  • Make sure that you have a strong password: You need to take care not to choose a password that is too easy to figure out. Especially people who know you can easily make guesses about passwords that are weak. If you do not want others getting access to Chromecast, your password needs to be strong.

How to get rid of “A Device on Your WiFi Is Casting” Notification?

If you are already aware that Chromecast is streaming and do not wish to see the notification again, here are the steps that you can take.

  • Launch the Devices tab.
  • Click on the Settings icon next to the Chromecast device
  • Click on Cast Media
  • Find the option that says “Let others control your cast media” and switch off the toggle. 

After this process is complete, the notification will be turned off and you can continue your work in peace.

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