How To Fix Error Code c1900107 While Updating Windows?

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As per our research error code c1900107 occurs when users try to update their Windows PC/Laptop.

Error Says,

Upgrade to Windows 10 Home
Installation date: ‎7/‎30/‎2015 10:57 PM
Installation status: Failed
Error details: Code C1900107
Update type: Important
Install the next version of Windows

As of now while we are writing on this error Microsoft hasn’t shared any specific information regarding the error code c1900107 as to why this error occurs and how anybody can fix it. But we have gathered different workarounds shared by the users which may help you resolve this error.

Error Code c1900107 While Updating Window

Fixes For Error Code c1900107 While Updating Windows

Fix 1: Make Sure You Have Free Space

First, you should make sure that you have at least 20-30Gb of free space under your C drive. If your C drive doesn’t have this much space then you can have issues like this while updating your device. So we will suggest you free up the required space and then try installing the updates.

Fix 2: Restart The Device And Retry

If you just get the error for the first time then we will suggest you to restart your PC/Computer and then retry updating your device.

  • Shut down your PC for around 5 minutes.
  • Make sure your PC is not connected to the power source.
  • Then restart your PC.
  • Now try updating your Windows device to check if it still shows the error.

Fix 3: Try Deleting The $WINDOWS.~BT Folder

If you still get the error then try deleting the WINDOWS.~BT Folder. We have found this workaround in the official Microsoft community shared by many users who recommended this workaround to resolve this particular issue.

  • Go to your Local C Disk.
  • Then tap View.
  • Then you need to Check the box where it says Hidden Files.
  • Then look for the folder $WINDOWS. ~ BT.
  • Then try deleting this folder, if you can’t delete this folder then you can Rename it.
  • Once done, try updating your device.

Fix 4: Try Disconnecting USB Devices

Several users have reported that using a USB wireless adapter was an issue for them. So in case you are using a USB wireless adapter or any other USB devices then consider removing them from your device.

I am talking about USB devices such as printers, gamepads, external hard drives, and flash drives. After disconnecting unnecessary USB devices, try to upgrade your PC again.

Fix 5: Try Using The Update Troubleshooter

  • Go to your Windows Settings.
  • Then choose the Update & Security option.
  • Then choose Troubleshoot.
  • Then choose Additional troubleshooters.
  • Then choose Windows Update.
  • Then choose Run the troubleshooter.

Fix 6: Do You Use Third-Party AntiVirus Software?

Do you use any third-party Antivirus software? If yes then at this stage your Antivirus software can also be behind the error. We will recommend uninstalling any third-party Antivirus software, and then try updating your device.

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