How To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87dd0003?

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If you are seeing the following Xbox Error Code 0x87dd0003 while trying to login into your account. Then, chances are it is caused due to a possible server issue or outage at Microsoft’s or Xbox’s server end itself.

Below i have shared everything about this error.

Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017

How To Get Rid Of Xbox Error Code 0x87dd0003?

If you have come across websites and sources claiming that resetting your system, or resetting your devices would help you fix the error. Then, in such cases, my advice to you would be to wait it out a little longer and see if the error goes away on its own.

Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017

Since the following Xbox Error Code 0x87dd0003 is mainly a server issue. There is actually nothing much you can do on your end to fix it, but just wait it out till the issue gets resolved at the server end itself.

After having gone through a number of discussion forums and threads online, we have found that most users agree to the fact that the error was mainly caused due to a server issue and that waiting it out is the best solution out there to deal with the following. 

Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017

Hence, if you still haven’t resetted your system, or tried out the other more invasive solutions out there to try and fix the error on your side. My advice to you would be to wait it out a little longer and see if the error gets resolved on its own without you having to do anything that may delete your game progress and you may regret your division. 

Xbox Error Code 0x87de0017

One way you can be sure that the issue is at the server side and not something wrong at your end, would be to check the status of the server at any online status site such as Xbox’s official server status page or third party websites such as downdetector

Or, you can also head to any online forums or threads out there to see if other users from your region or elsewhere have been facing the same issue or error as you, and discuss the error further with them. 

And if you believe the issue is regional and that there are only particular servers or regional servers which have been giving the following error. Then, you can also try logging in from a different region with the help of a third-party VPN service or app out there, whichever you may deem fit. 

There are a number of good VPN apps out there such as Nord, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and SurfShark just to name a few. Hence, if you are not using one at the moment or are using a free VPN with very limited features at the moment. Then, you can give any good paid VPN a try such as the one mentioned above, and see if you can login into your account without the error by switching to a different region.

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