How To Fix Zoom Error Code 5?

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Zoom Error Code 5

The Zoom app is made for the purpose of improving connectivity but ironically, there are many connection issues on the platform.

You will see these issues in the form of error codes on the platform. 

Error code 5 on Zoom is also a network connection error. You might be in the midst of a meeting but you will be kicked out with the error code 5.

This is all because the network is not connected for long enough to sustain the meeting.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix Zoom error code 5. We will discuss all the probabilities for the network connection to break and cause error code 5 on Zoom. you can pick the one that fits your situation. 

Let’s discuss all of this with the solutions in the next section.

How to solve error code 5 on Zoom?

The network error denoted by the error code 5 on Zoom can have many different reasons and we will break down each of them as we look for solutions to these issues.

Let’s get started with the solutions in this section.

Fix 1: Device issues

If the device that you are using is having trouble, you need to perform a power cycle on the device.

To perform the power cycle on your PC, disconnect all the wires from the PC and wait for a few minutes. Reconnect all the wires to the PC and then turn the device on.

If you are using Zoom on your phone, a simple restart on the device will do. In many cases, you should anyway restart your phone at regular intervals, preferably every day to avoid any issues with the device.

Fix 2: Check the internet speed

The internet speed can play a major role in internet connectivity on your device. If the speed of the internet is slow, you will not be able to use any apps or websites that use an internet connection to function.

When you are using a platform like Zoom which connects you to live footage of people from all around the world, you need an exceptionally fast and reliable connection.

Check the speed of the internet connection for free through any internet speed meter online. If the connection speed is slow, change your internet plan or connect to the internet service provider to help you with other issues on your network.

Fix 3: Check your network firewall

The network firewall can easily block your access to any website or platform that it deems to be dangerous for your device.

In this case, to make sure that the platform is not banned by the network firewall,  you need to check the blocklist of the network firewall.

Add Zoom as an exception on the firewall settings so that it does not block any of your connections to the Zoom server in the future.

Fix 4: Check your anti-virus 

Your anti-virus can also block your connections to certain platforms and websites. This is done by the internet safety protocol that they follow.

If you do not want your anti-virus to interfere with your internet connections related to Zoom, you can add Zoom to the list of exceptions.

Do not try it for websites that are not reliable and that you do not trust as this can cause safety issues on your device.

Fix 5: Check if the Zoom app is updated

If you are using the app,m check if you are using the latest version of the application. Zoom is a rapidly evolving application and to make sure that you are getting the benefits of all the features on the platform, you need to make sure that you are on the latest version.

The Zoom team also takes care of eliminating all the bugs that you encounter on the app and they convey this to you through updates. 

If you are missing important updates on the platform,  you will face issues with the older bugs on the platform.

Fix 6: Change your DNS address

The domain name system is important for the identification of your IP address on the internet. This is how the websites interpret and use your IP address for identification purposes. 

If the DNS settings on your device are messed up, you can change the DNS settings to manual and the issue generally sorts out.

Fix 7: Check the Zoom server

The Zoom server does go down sometimes when there is too much traffic on the site. In this case, there is nothing you can do on your part to solve the network trouble.

You have to wait for the development team at Zoom to mend the server and get it back up for use.

If the server is down, you can get the information through any down detector website on the internet. 

These are free websites and are very reliable as they use reports from the users to generate downtime notifications.

Fix 8: Clear the browser cookies and cache

Using Zoom on the browser without downloading the app, you are going to accumulate a lot of caches that will be related to the account information.

To make sure that this cache and cookie data does not affect the memory processing on the browser, you should constantly clear the cache and cookies on the browser.

You might need to log in again and the websites might load a little more slowly but it is worth it for taking the load off your network.

Fix 9: Contact Zoom support 

You can always contact the Zoom support team to help you with the issues that you face on the platform.

Their response time is quick and if you do not feel like contacting them yet, you can also raise a query on the user forums.

To conclude

Error code 5 on Zoom is also a network issue. We have mentioned the many reasons that could be behind this error on Zoom.

The solutions that we have mentioned have helped many users on the internet to get rid of the error code. Hopefully, they helped you too. Keep following for more technical advice.

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