Can School See What I Do On My Chromebook?

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Chromebook runs on a web-based OS which makes it good for Internet-based education and advanced learning. Students use it not only for studies but for personal use also. Personal and private use can be anything.

Can School See What I Do On My Chromebook

While using it privately one thing always bothers students, especially those who have been provided a Chromebook by school administrators, what if the school is seeing what we do on our Chromebook. Is it possible to sneak out to Chromebooks used by students at home?

So in this post, we are going to answer, “Can School See What You Do On My Chromebook?”

Is It Possible to See the private usage of Chromebook by Schools?

The Short answer is “Yes”. If Chromebook is managed by school administrators then they must have proper control over them.

School administration uses its ID and credentials before handing over Chromebook to students. So they can see the browsing history of your Chromebook even if you are using it at home and close all tabs after the use.

They can also monitor your Chromebook with a filtering proxy at the network infrastructure level.

They can also install their certificate authority to intercept Chromebook as they manage the devices.

So in such a case, it is the administrator who owns and controls the device, not you, so they have all the possible ways to sneak out all the details of your browsing history.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Can the school see my Chromebook Browsing history on Incognito Mode?

So for your kind information, Incognito mode does not hide browsing history from the school administrator. They can still check and see your browsing history, and the sites you visited in the same way as any other browsing mode.

Can the teacher see what I do on a Chromebook

There are some tools which help your administrator to check what every student is doing on their screen. GoGuardian is a tool that can be used by teachers to see what each student is doing on their Chromebook screens.

Can School see your search history on a School Chromebook

So basically as we have learned above, School uses its credentials to start and log in to Chromebooks, and you are using your school account, so in such a case School administrator can log in to that account and see your accessed browsing History.


Chromebook are one of the best-advanced Laptops available out there for students and therefore Schools themselves are providing Chromebooks to the students.

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In case you want to have a laptop for your personal use, which no one can sneak into then you should have one of your own. Purchase one and use your credentials to log in and then no one can see anything in your Chromebook.

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