How To Fix Common FilmOn TV Errors?

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Common FilmOn TV Errors

The internet-based television provider is very popular mainly because the membership is free. There are more than 600 channels that you can view and also more than 90k videos are available on demand.

Though the service is popular, it still comes with its share of issues. Many issues occur and are very common.

With people being very active on the internet, many communities have emerged that discuss the common issues with technology. Many times, you don’t even need to contact support. You can find the solutions in the communities instead.

So, what are the common errors with FilmOn TV? And how to fix common FilmOn TV errors. 

In this article, we will try to answer this question for you. We will also discuss the issues and the plausible solutions for the same.

Common Errors with FilmOn TV

The best feature of the service is probably the simple user interface. You can also see this in the effort that the platform puts into communicating errors with the service.

Different error codes explain what is wrong with the service and we will take a look at each one of them in this section.

1. Error Code 800

Error 800 on your FilmOn TV shows up when you are facing problems with your internet connection. This usually manifests when you are looking for a video on the TV and it fails to load.

When you see this error code, you should check what is wrong with the internet connection that you are using.

2. Error Code 107

This code will appear on the television when the devices you are using are not updated to the latest version of the firmware.

This can however also occur if the Wifi connection that you are using is not strong enough.

3. Error Code 110

This error code suggests that the television that you are using is not supporting the HD content that you are trying to stream.

4. Error Code 404

This error code does not always show up as an error but can also show up as a white or black screen.

This happens when there is a glitch in the app.

How To Fix These Common FilmOn TV Errors?

Now that we have seen what different issues can hinder the streaming of content on your FilmOn TV, let us see what different solutions can help us get rid of the same issues.

Fix 1: Internet Problems

The internet problems can be seen when you see error codes like error 800 and sometimes also during error 107.

There can be many different problems with the internet and this has nothing to do with the FilmOn TV platform.

The internet service provider might be undergoing maintenance, the router that you are using might be facing interference, and the cables that you are using might be loose or broken.

When you first see the error codes 800 or 107, you should check the connection on the other devices. If the internet connection is low for all the devices, then you should contact the internet service provider for help.

You should also check the cables that are connected to the TV as well as the router and modem. If they are loose, secure the connection and if they are broken they should be replaced as soon as possible.

The router and the modem are also highly susceptible to interference. If there are any devices between the TV and the router that may falter the connection, you must remove the device and keep the router closer to the TV for best results.

Fix 2: Resolution Problems

If the content that you are trying to stream is not supported by your TV, then the device needs an update.

Updating the device will make it compatible with the newer versions of technology and new features will be added. However, if your TV is an older version, you might need to change it to experience content of better quality. 

Till then, you can change the resolution to a lower setting and the error should stop bothering you.

Fix 3: Update Problems

Some errors occur just to take your attention towards the pending updates on your devices. 

All the devices that you are using ranging from the router, modem, TV, and TV box should all be updated with the latest firmware. This helps in avoiding minor software glitches that can otherwise cause streaming problems.

fix 4: App Glitch

The app sometimes just glitches and there is no plausible explanation for it. In such cases, a restart can help you solve the problem easily.

If you are still facing problems, you can contact the support team and they will help you with the exact solution to your problem.


FilmOn Tv is a great service to stream content and even ask for on-demand videos. This uses the internet connection to provide you with content and therefore, sometimes errors may show up.

These errors can be easily eliminated with the help of the solutions that we have mentioned above. None of the errors are too serious and common, the solutions can be easily found on the internet and implemented. We hope that these solutions helped you.

Happy Streaming!!

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