How To Activate Dark Mode For Amazon In Desktop, Android & IOS?

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Are you the one who loves shopping online or spending hours while searching for products on Amazon? Then using Amazon in the Bright Mode can harm your eyes, so our recommendation will be to enable Dark Mode for Amazon.

But officially, there is no built-in Dark Mode released by Amazon, but there are several ways to do this.

Dark Mode For Amazon

Things To Note:

  • You can only apply dark mode while using Amazon from the web browser
  • If you are accessing Amazon from the mobile app, then you can’t apply Dark Mode
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Amazon Dark Mode In Web Browser 

If you are using Amazon from your Web Browser, then you can use the Night Eye Browser extension to enable Dark Mode.

Night Eye is a browser extension that lets you enable Dark Mode on any Website, and it supports all of the major browsers.

Night Eye in Dark Mode In Browser

Here Are The Steps To Follow

  • Go to your Web Extension store
  • Search for the Night Eye
  • Addon to the browser
  • You are done

Note: it uses Dark Mode as the default theme, but later, you can easily change it to normal by visiting the Night Eye extension settings. Find here Detailed Night Eye Review

Amazon Dark Mode For Android & IOS

If you want to use Dark Mode For Amazon in Mobile apps, then sadly, you can’t do this.

But if you use your mobile browser to access Amazon, then you can use the Yandex Browser in your phone to add the Night Eye extension, so it automatically applies the Dark Mode for Amazon.

Yandex is the only browser that lets users add an extension to the mobile web.

Note: For the tutorial, we are using An Android device, but the same steps will also apply to the iPhone.

Here Are The Steps To Follow

Install Yandex

  • Go to the apps store
  • Search for Yandex browser
  • Install Yandex browser

Add Night Eye To Yandex

  • Open Yandex browser
  • Search for Night Eye browser Addon, or visit this link
  • Add on the extension
  • You are done 


Is There A Dark Mode For Amazon?

Officially there is no built-in Dark Mode for Amazon, but if you are using Amazon in the browser, then you use the Night browser Extension to Enable Dark Mode.

Is There A Dark Mode For Amazon Mobile App?

No, there is no way to enable Dark Mode in the Mobile App for Amazon.

How Do I Make Amazon Black?

Because there is no official Dark Mode for Amazon, so you have to use the Night Eye browser extension to enable Dark Mode in the Web browser.

Is Dark Mode Better On Eyes?

If you are using your device at Night In low light condition, then yes, Dark Mode is better for your eyes.

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