How to delete your Strava account?

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Strava is a great tool for tracking your daily movements and recording your exercises. It is a great alternative to a fitness tracker that maybe you do not want to splurge your money on.

There are quite a few issues with the app though, and this is making many users delete their accounts.

Delete Strava Account

Many users are worried about their whereabouts being tracked by the app since the app runs on GPs functions to track your movement. To quite a few people, this feels like a privacy breach.

The company has been criticised in the past for accidentally publishing sensitive data from the military. This also included the location of various military bases and it turned into a huge controversy for the app.

The app has also ended the Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility leading to disappointment for the users. The app has also provided remedies for many concerns of users but still, it may not be the most satisfactory experience for some users.

If you are one of the users who wants to delete his/her Strava account, you can do so by following the steps listed below.

Thing To Note Before deleting Strava account

Whenever you decide to delete an account, there is a loss of data and privileges involved. You should always read all the terms and conditions before you proceed with the account deletion.

Careful observation of the terms helps you to backup any data related to your account if it will be deleted along with the account.

Here is what you should keep in mind.

  • You will lose all your personal information that was entered into the account
  • The personal segments that you added on Strava will be deleted.
  • All the posts that you made will be deleted 
  • You will be removed from the clubs you were a part of and you will not be able to continue communication with the groups.
  • Deleting your account does not delete the routes and segments added by you that were set as public.
  • Deleting your account will not delete any of the clubs created by you.
  • Make sure that you delete all the public segments and routes you created on Canva if you do not want them to be available after you are gone.
  • You should also make sure to cancel your premium membership to avoid getting billed for it after you are gone.
  • You will not be receiving any refunds from Strava after you decide to cancel your subscription. We recommend that you wait till the end of your subscription and enjoy the benefits before you delete the account.
  • Lastly, you must understand deleting your Strava account is permanent and you will not be able to revive the account once deleted.

After reading all the points above, if you still want to delete your account, you can go to the next section for the steps to do that easily.

How to Delete Your Strava Account?

  • Follow the link and log in to your Strava account with the correct credentials.
  • Hover over your Profile Picture to reveal a dropdown menu.
  • Select Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • You will see a list on the left pane.
  • Select My Account from the list on the left pane. You will find this right at the top of the list.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to find the Download or Delete your Account section.
  • Click on Get Started.
  • Strava will ask if you want to download your data before you delete the account.
  • Click on the checkbox for Downloaded or don’t want to Download my Data.
  • Click on Request Account Deletion. This is right under the checkbox.
  • To confirm your identity, Strava completes the process only after you follow the instructions in the mail that they send to your registered email.
  • Open the email that you receive from Strava. It is titled Account Deletion Request.
  • Strava will warn you of the action and the repercussions. Read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • At the bottom of the mail, click on Delete your Account.
  • Click on Delete your Account once again on the confirmation prompt.
  • The process is complete.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

1. I cancelled my subscription on Strava but I still got billed for the next cycle. How did it happen?

If you do not cancel your subscription 24 hours before the next cycle starts, you will, unfortunately, have to pay for another month. The policies on Google Play, iOS, and Strava all mention this in their terms. It is essential to cancel your subscription 24 hours early. 

2. I have read that there is a refund policy on Strava subscriptions but I cannot access it.

Strava generally does not provide any refunds on the cancellation of subscriptions. That being said, they do have a refund policy in place for the customers who cancel early.
This is only applicable to the customers who cancel their accounts within 14 days of purchasing the subscription. Other than that Strava does not provide refunds to any other customers. There is also a catch in this refund policy if you wish to continue in the future. Strava will remove your access to any future discounts in case of early cancellation. 

3. What do I get after purchasing a premium subscription on Strava? Is the subscription even worth the price I am paying?

Only you can make a decision on what is worth the price you are paying as everyone has a different take on how much money should be spent on certain features. Also, only you know what features are useful to you. To answer your question about the extras you get with the premium subscription on Strava, you will get access to the following. If the following features appeal to you, then the subscription is totally worth it for you.

1. You can compare the segment results along with analysing them.
2. You can also filter your segment results.
3. It allows you to compare your performances against the previous ones and pushes you to do better.
4. You get the feature of comparing your performance to other people in your range.

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