Do Roku TVs Have Bluetooth? If Yes How To Access It?

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There are many different versions of the Roku TV series. Some of them do have in-built Bluetooth connectivity and some of them do not. You need to have an understanding of what model you are using and what is the compatibility of that particular model.

Except for the Roku Soundbar and the Roku Ultra series, no other TV in the Roku roster has the in-built capability to connect to Bluetooth devices. However, there are specific ways which can let you connect Bluetooth speakers and headphones to the TV.

Let’s discuss the different aspects of Bluetooth connectivity with the Roku Tv series and how to best use the feature.

How to connect Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers to TVs that do not have in-built Bluetooth capability?

As we have mentioned, only the Roku soundbar and Roku Ultra series have the capability of Bluetooth connection. However, there are ways that you can connect other TVs on the roster to Bluetooth headphones and speakers. 

Here is how you can do this in simple steps:

  • Launch the Roku app
  • Now click on Settings
  • Click on Remote and Devices
  • Click on Pair Bluetooth Device
  • Now you will see specific instructions on the screen.
  • Follow the instructions and you will be able to connect your speakers or headphones to the Roku TV.

How to connect Bluetooth devices to Roku TVs with in-built Bluetooth compatibility?

The TVs on the Roku roster that have in-built Bluetooth capability are the Roku Soundbar and Roku Ultra.

However, you still need to follow certain steps to connect your Bluetooth devices to the TV. Here is how you can do this.

  • Turn on both Roku TV and the Bluetooth device.
  • Fish out your Roku TV remote
  • Press the Home Button
  • Click on the Settings option
  • Click on Remotes and Devices
  • Click on Pair Bluetooth Device
  • Now the Tv will scan all the available Bluetooth devices in the vicinity and display a list of devices.
  • You will get a “Approve connection” request on your Bluetooth Device
  • Select Yes
  • The device will be connected and you will see the headphone icon on the top-right corner of the TV.

Issues that you might face while connecting the Bluetooth device On Roku TVs

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you are connecting any Bluetooth device to your Roku TV.

Make sure to follow the set of instructions below to ensure a flawless connection.

  • Both the TV and the Bluetooth device must be in Power on mode
  • Make sure that the that both the TV and the Bluetooth device have their Bluetooth setting on.
  • Both devices should preferably be on the same WiFi network


Some Roku TVs like the Roku Soundbar series and the Roku Ultra have the capability to connect to the Bluetooth device through the in-built Bluetooth feature.

Other devices on the list do not have the same capability. However, you might still be able to connect your Bluetooth speakers and headphones to these devices.

We have mentioned the process of connecting a Bluetooth device to the Roku TV in both scenarios. Hopefully, we were able to help you with your requirement. Keep following for more technical advice. 

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