Does Roku support Steam? If yes How to use Steam on Roku?

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Does Roku support Steam

There may be countless blog posts out there on the internet claiming that Roku supports Steam and that they can teach you how to use it on Roku. But sadly however, that is not at all true as Steam till date have not come up with any such app for Roku.

However, since you are already here reading the following article on, Does Roku support Steam? If yes How to use Steam on Roku?, it would not be right for me to just send you empty handed. 

Now, although there is no straight way with the help of which you can directly open up the Steam app on your Roku TV and start playing your favorite games.

There is however, a walk around with the help of which you should be able to play games on Steam directly on your TV through Roku quite as easily as you would have in a setup where Steam may have been supported natively. 

And hence, in the following article on How to use Steam on Roku, you can expect to find a walkaround trick or way to help you play Steam games directly on Roku.

How to use Steam on Roku?

As I had said earlier, there is definitely a walkaround with the help of which you can definitely use Steam on Roku. All you need to do is follow the instructions as shown below, and you should be good to go.

Now, for those of you who have been using Steam for quite a while now and have used it to play games on multiple OS platforms and devices, must definitely have an idea of something called the Steam Link STB service. 

As for those of you who are still very new to Steam and have never ever come across the term. It may be simply described as an app service which enables users to directly run Steam on a media device without the need of anything like mirroring a display or monitor as we will be seeing in the walkaround procedure further below.

And although, using an STB might work for many users out there to directly use Steam through your Roku device.

This however will be followed by a lot of delay while playing your favorite games online as well as offline. Something, which I am sure gamers really never appreciate. 

Because of this, we will not be following this procedure here. But rather, use another method where we shall cast a screen directly over your TV through your Roku device and play games on the big screen from your PC or smartphone devices.

Mirroring your PC or phone screen onto your TV

For this method, all you will need is a PC or smartphone device, your Roku device and a good Wi-fi network. Once you have all these things, you can go on with the following steps to cast your PC monitor to your TV display and then play games on Steam.

  • For the very first step, you will need to connect the Roku device to your TV. 
  • Next, connect it to your Home Wi-Fi network and on your Roku remote press on the Home button.
  • Inside the Home menu screen, go to and click on the Settings option.
  • Then, under the Settings menu, go on and select the System option. 
  • Inside the System option window, you will be able to see the Screen Mirroring option. Click on it to activate the feature. 
  • Once that is done, simply go on confirming the tabs prompted in front of you till it has been successfully completed and set up. 

NOTE: This method is only beneficial if your TV is an old model without smart connectivity features. If so, then the Roku device works as a receiver here to be able to mirror your PC or smartphone screen directly onto your TV display screen and then play your favorite games on Steam directly from your PC or Laptop device. 

However, if you have a Smart TV at your home. Then, your TV will most probably have the ability by default to mirror or cast your PC or smartphone screen directly onto your TV without having to deal with Roku or use Roku in order to do it. 

Hence, in this way if your TV model does not come with the default mirroring feature. Then, you should be able to use Roku as a medium to do so and play games smoothly, simply my mirroring your PC screen onto your TV.

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