How To Get Amazon Prime Video Free Trail To Use Prime Video For Free?

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If you are a first-time Prime Video user, then you can avail for a free one-month trial of Amazon Prime Membership, which will let you access prime video and all of the other prime benefits.

Even if you have multiple Credit cards, then you can use the different credit cards with different Amazon accounts to get Prime Video for free multiple times.

In case if you are a student, then you can apply for “Amazon Student Prime Membership” which will let you get Prime Video for free for 6 months. Also, once your trial is over, you will get a discounted price for your student prime account.

Along with these three offers, many times, Amazon invites users for free trials individually based on the user’s Amazon shopping history.

How To Get Amazon Prime Video Free Trail

These four are the most common ways to use Amazon Prime Video for free. In this post, we are going to discuss all of these ways to get the prime video for free.

How To Get Prime Video One Month Free Trial As First Time User?

  • Go here
  • Tap Try Prime
  • Tap “Start your 30 days free trial.”
  • Log in to your existing account, or sign up for new
  • Follow the on-screen options

Note: You will need credit card details in order to avail free trial.

If you are already logged in to your Amazon account, then tap on the profile icon from the top right corner -> tap prime video -> tap “Start your 30 days free trial” and follow the on-screen options.

How To Get Prime Video Free Trial With Multiple Credit Cards?

If you have already availed for the free Prime Video trial and looking for a way to get more free trials, then yes, it can be possible if you have multiple credit cards.

  • Go here
  • Tap Try Prime
  • Tap “Start your 30 days free trial.”
  • Sign up for a new Amazon account with a new email
  • Follow the on-screen options and use new credit card details that you previously didn’t use to get a prime video trial.

How To Get a 6 Months Prime Video Free Trial With a Student Account?

If you are a student, then you can apply for the 6 months free trial of “Amazon Student Prime Membership.”

  • Go here
  • Tap Try Prime
  • Tap are you student
  • Tap Try Prime Student
  • Sign for an Amazon account with your student email id
  • Follow the on-screen options

What If You Don’t Have A Student Email Account?

To verify your student identity without the student email, please visit this link.

Or you can email “[email protected]” from your email address associated with your Amazon account.

You have to email a scan, photo, or screenshot of one of the below

  • Your student ID displaying the current term or an expiration date; just a student ID number is not valid
  • Your transcript or class list for the current term with your name and your school’s name on it
  • Your tuition bill for the current term with your name and your school’s name on it
  • An official acceptance letter for the upcoming term (must include matriculation date)

Learn more here about the Amazon Prime Student Account.

What Are Other Ways Except These To Get Amazon Prime Free Trial?

If you are from India, then your mobile network service provider, such as Airtel, Vodafone, etc, provides free Prime Video membership with their specific tariffs. You can also search for “Amazon Prime coupons and membership offers” on google to find the latest offers and deals.

How to watch amazon prime video for free with Amazon Household?

Amazon Household lets users share their accounts with another adult, teens, and children in their families.

First, you have to sign up for the Amazon Household account and link the other person’s Amazon account, and agree to share payment methods.

This way, both users can share the prime benefits while keeping their own personal accounts.

To learn more about the Amazon Household account, please visit here.

Things You Should Know About Prime Video Free Trial?

  • You have to provide your credit card details.
  • At the time of availing free trial, standard charges will be deducted from your given credit card. This amount will be refunded to you.
  • Once the trial period will over, the membership amount will be automatically deducted from your credit card.
  • If you are not willing to continue the prime video once the trial is over, then please cancel the subscription before the end date of the trial period. Otherwise, the membership amount will automatically be deducted from your account.

What if I Forget To Cancel Prime Video Free Trial? And It Gets Renewed Automatically?

This happened to me when I availed myself for the Amazon Prime free trial and forgot to cancel the subscription before the end date.

As a result, I got charged for the membership fees from my account, but I never used any prime benefits after it got renewed.

So I called Amazon support and explained the situation and told him that I want to cancel the prime membership and get the full refund.

He requested to wait for some time, and then he canceled the membership and refunded me the full amount.

So in case, you forget to cancel the Prime Video free trial and get charged for it. Then I will suggest you to contact amazon support for the best solution.

Also, I will ask you to go through the Amazon Prime Terms and Conditions before contacting the support.

Faqs | Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a free trial if I sign up for Amazon Prime Video through my Sprint account?

No. If you are an Unlimited Sprint subscriber, then prime video is included with the print subscription, which means you don’t need a free trial.

What’s the difference between the free trial of a Student Amazon Prime account and other Amazon Prime accounts?

A normal prime account comes with just 30 days of the free trial, but a prime student account comes with 6 months of the free trial.

If you sign up for a 30 day trial on Prime Video, are the movies free?

Yes, a free trial of Prime video gives you full access to the prime video content like the normal prime subscriber. But keep in mind that there are some movies which are only available for rent or buy, so as a Prime Video subscriber, you can’t access those content for free. Except for those content, you can watch everything for free.

Does a free trial of Amazon Prime automatically cancel after 30 days?

No. If you avail for the Prime Video trial and are not willing to continue after the trial period, then you have to cancel it manually by yourself; otherwise, you will be charged for the Prime Membership fees.

Why do we need to give your bank details even for the trial in Amazon Prime Video?

By account details of the user, Amazon can make sure that a user gets a free trial for just one time. When you apply for the free trial again with the same payment details, Prime Video will deny the trial. Also, you don’t need to worry about this because at the time of availing free trial, you will not be charged, and you can cancel the subscription anytime.

Will I be charged if I use Amazon free trial benefits during my trial period and then cancel the prime membership?

No. in this case, there will be no charges; you just need to make sure that you cancel the subscription before the trial period ends.

Is Prime Video Trial Scam?

No Prime Video trial is not a scam; I successfully availed Prime Video trial many times. You just need to make sure that you cancel the trial before the end date if you are not willing to continue the Prime Video subscription.

Why was my card charged during my free trial for Amazon’s Prime membership?

These are the stranded charges just to verify that your payment details are correct. This money will be refunded to you, so you should not worry.

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