How To Fix Jio Cinema Not Working On Smart TV?

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Jio Cinema Not Working On Smart TV

Getting prompted with an error message while watching your favorite movies is never a good experience. And since, you are already here reading the following article on, “How to fix Jio Cinema not working on Smart TV?”. Chances are that you may have already faced the above dilemma. 

Good news for you, is that here, we will try and discuss everything there is to know about the following “Jio Cinema not working on Smart TV” error. From why such an error occurs to how to go on fixing it, we will be covering it all. 

So, whenever you see the following error message flashing on your TV screen, it can be said that it is mainly caused due to an issue with the server, or a network problem, or an outdated app or system firmware. 

Hence to fix this, we can take the help of the following steps as shown below and solve the issue on your respective Smart TVs and go back to enjoying your favorite movies and tv shows as usual.

How to fix JioCinema not working on Smart TV?

Fix 1: Check server status

The very first and foremost thing to do while troubleshooting the following Jio Cinema not working error, would be to check whether the server(s) at Jio’s end are working fine or not. 

To do so, you can go to the following website Downdetector, and check the status of Jio servers there. If there is something wrong with the servers and they are down. Then, there is actually nothing much you can do, but to just wait it out till the problem is solved at Jio’s end itself. 

However, if they are up and running fine. Then, the problem might be on the client-end, that is on your end and you can follow the steps as shown below to try and fix the issue on your own.

Fix 2: Clear cache memory

Depending on whether you are streaming your favorite shows on the official Jio cinema website on a browser, or are streaming content on the Jio Cinema app itself on your smartphone devices. You can try clearing up the cache memory of either your browser app or the Jio cinema app itself, to see if doing so helps fix the error. 

Now although, the steps for clearing up your browser cache memory might differ from browser to browser. The general approach would be to head to your Browser’s history section and clear up the cache from there. But, it is still advised that you search up for the steps on your own to avoid any such confusion which might arise.

For those of you using the Jio Cinema app on AndroidOS. The following steps should help you clear up the cache memory for the following app on your respective Android devices:

  • Go to your device’s Settings page by clicking on the Gear icon or the Settings app icon.
  • Next, tap on the Apps option under Settings and click on the Jio Cinema app from the list of apps listed. 
  • Then in the next page, click on the Storage & cache option and tap on the Clear cache option. 
  • Once the app cache is cleared, launch the app and see if the error still persists after login into your account. 

For those using the app on an iOS device. You can follow the steps as mentioned below to clear up your Jio Cinema app cache:

  • Go to the Settings page from your Home screen.
  • Next, scroll down and click on the Jio Cinema app.
  • In the next page, click on the Clear app cache on next launch option.
  • Lastly, launch the app, sign in into your account and see if the error still persists.

Fix 3: Update the Jio Cinema app

If you are using the Jio Cinema app on either an Android device or an iPhone device. Then, you can try updating the particular app by going to the respective app store’s, if not updated. 

Such errors can be pretty common in an outdated Jio Cinema app. Hence, it is advised that you either have automatic updates enabled for that particular app or manually update the app on your own from time to time, to avoid such errors from showing up every now and then.

Fix 4: Power Cycle the devices

A simple power cycle can also prove to be handy in fixing the issue, if it is something being caused as a result of a temporary glitch or bug within the app or device. 

Just turn off your device for a few seconds and restart it. Launch the app next and see if doing so fixes the issue and the error gets resolved.

Fix 5: Uninstall and reinstall the app

As a last resort, you can also try uninstalling the app completely and reinstalling it back into your device. 

This method has been reported by many users to have worked for them in solving the particular issue and might help you solve the issue on your respective device(s) as well. 

But, if for some reason, none of the methods as mentioned above work for you. Then, it would be a good idea to directly contact Jio Cinema’s customer support and ask them to resolve the issue for you.

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What To Do If Jio Cinema Is Not Working On Samsung Smart TV?

If the Jio Cinema is not working on your Samsung Smart TV then first make sure your internet is working, then try restarting your device along with the internet, then check if Jio Cinema app needed to be updated, but if the error still persists then try uninstalling the Jio Cinema app, then reinstall the app.

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