How To Fix Jio Cinema Not Working in Canada?

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Jio Cinema Not Working in Canada

Are you trying to watch JioCinema from Canada? And is it not working? Actually, there is nothing wrong with the JioCinema or your device, instead, the problem is the geo-restriction. As of now while we are writing on this topic, JioCinema is only available to watch in India. If you are trying to watch JioCinema from any other country, including Canada, then JioCinema will not work.

But there are a few ways to watch JioCinema’s content from Canada. You can use a good VPN service like NordVPN, Express VPN, etc to access the JioCinema from Canada or any other country without any issues. VPNs are made for these kinds of purposes.

And if in case you just want to watch IPL and don’t want to spend anything on the VPN then there are also a few services in Canada from where you can enjoy IPL without any issues.

Below you are going to find all the details related to this topic.

How To Access a JioCinema From Canada?

As JioCinema is not available in Canada, the only way to watch the JioCinema in Canada is by using a VPN service. We don’t promote or endorse any VPN so we can’t suggest any one VPN to use.

Most of the VPNS will easily work with JioCinema so you can choose any. There are many different good VPNs available in the market such as Nord VPN, Express VPN, etc. You can choose any and it will easily help you to access JioCinema from Canada without any issues.

How To Watch IPL From Canada Without VPN?

If you are an IPL fan and just want to access JioCinema for watching IPL then there are different Canadian services where you can watch IPL without any issues, and you don’t need any VPN. Below we are going to mention all the services which are available in Canada where you can watch the IPL.

  • Sling TV is the first option you have to watch IPL in Canada, if you have access to Sling TV then simply go to ‘Sports on Sling’ to watch live IPL matches.
  • The next option you have is Willow TV, they are also broadcasting the 2023 IPL. So you can also choose them.

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