How To Fix Nintendo NNID error code 022-2591?

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Nintendo NNID Error Code 022-2591

Nintendo Error Code 022-2591 comes with the error message “NNID is already linked to another system”. This error occurs when users try to log in to their NNID from more than one device.

In this article, we are going to share why you get this error and how to fix Nintendo error code 022-2591.

How To Fix Nintendo error code 022-2591?

To resolve the error, and to understand the reasons behind this error we have to discuss NNID terms.

You can only log in to NNID into only one 3DS system and one Wii U console. And you can’t simply just log out from one device and log in to another. If in case you want to log in to any other device with your NNID then you have to transfer your account by contacting support.

Many users just unlink their NNID on one device and then try to log in to another device. And as a result, users get this error.

So if you are trying to log in to NNID to another device before transferring your account then you can’t do this, and will receive this error.

So to resolve this error you must contact Nintendo’s customer service.

Please keep in mind that in the account verification process you may have to provide the following details.

  • Usernames
  • Password
  • Email
  • Games that are attached to your NNID

Once the above process is done, there will be a waiting period until you can sign to NNID from a different device.

If you need more help regarding the process to transfer your NNID account visit this official guide.

What To Do If There Is A Different Scenario?

During our search over this topic, we only find that this occurs when users try login into their NNID from a different device without transferring their account. If in case there is a different Scenario for your with this error then you must contact Nintendo support.

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