How To Fix Now TV Unknown Page Error?

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When trying to use Now TV app on their Smart TV, many users have reported encountering the Now TV Unknown Page Error.

This error shows up when the app is facing difficulty in connecting to the servers on the TV, and there can be many reasons for this to happen such as internet issues, server issues, device issues, and many more.

How to solve the Now TV Unknown Page Error?

Fix 1: Check if you are running on a powerful internet connection

It is very important to have a great internet connection with impeccable speed so that you can stream the content that you wish to stream.

Streaming content on the internet especially when it is in high quality output, needs a stable and fast internet connection. Even if your connection is working fine for the other apps ad programs, there is no guarantee that its speed is sufficient for streaming. 

To make sure that the speed is sufficient, you will need to run an internet speed test. This is an easy thing to do as the tools for this are at your disposal through a simple Google search.

Fix 2: Take a look at the status of the Now TV server

The Now TV server is the most important link to the issue after the internet connection. You can also take care of this one as easily as you took care of the internet speed issue.

Just Google a Down Detector and search for Now TV. 

If the server outage report shows that the Now TV server is down, you need to get off your device and wait for the server outage to get rectified. This is because the server outage can only be solved through the interference of the developers and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Now that the internet connection and the server status are out of the way, we will need to talk about the other fixes on the list.

Fix 3: Check if the TV is updated to the latest version

The operating system of the TV needs to be on the latest version that is available on the market to function properly when connected to the server.

There are many features added to the software database of the Tv operating system that needs to be downloaded in order for the TV to be in-sync with the server. Since the streaming on the Tv depends entirely on the data download from the server, you might understand the importance of this update situation.

Check for the latest updates on the TV’s operating system and also for your router while you are at it. Check if after the update the issue is resolved.

Fix 4: Check if your router is updated to the latest version

Do have an impeccable Internet connexion speed. You need to make sure that the router and modem that you are using are also on the latest version of the software update.

Many people are never aware that the router needs to be updated as well. They only become aware of the situation when they encounter any issues with their network connection. 

When you face this error, make sure that your router and modem are updated to the latest version of the firmware.

Fix 5: Restart your TV

There are some issues with the TV that can be temporary and can be solved easily with the help of a power cycling session.

The power cycling session is the same as restarting the TV. This helps shut down all the processes that were causing problems and allows for a fresh restart of all the applications on the TV.

This process removes all the technical snags that were causing problems. Now launch the NOW TV app and see if it functions properly.

Fix 6: Delete the Now TV app and reinstall

The problems with the Now TV app files can only be solved when you delete the Now TV app and reinstall a fresh version.

These problems can show up in the form of corruption of files and missing files from the database. If there are any corrupt or missing files on the database, they need to be immediately replaced with the files that are needed. 

To continue with this process, delete the Now TV app and then reinstall a fresh copy. This will remove all the corrupt files from your system and replace them with fresh updated ones.

Fix 7: Clear the data for the Now TV app

There is some information that you need to repeatedly enter to get to log in on the Now TV app.

This information is stored in the form of cache data. However, this data needs to be cleared on a regular basis. If this is not done, then the data keeps on piling up and your device’s working memory gets occupied. 

Launch the settings for the Now TV app and clear the cookies and cache data. Now restart the TV and launched the NOW TV app again.

Fix 8: Change your DNS settings

The Domain Name System settings allow the server to identify where you are using the app. 

This allows for the identification of the IP address, which is very important for logging into the app. If your DNS settings are messed up, then you will not be able to use the app.

You can easily take care of this situation by changing the DNS settings. If you’re confused about what to change it to, you can use Google’s Public DNS servers.

Fix 9: Contact the NOW TV Support team

If you have tried all the solutions above and still you are not able to get rid of the unknown page error then you need to contact the NOW TV support team.

They will register your complaint and give you a support ticket number. You can follow the progress of this ticket to know what is being done about your issue.

You can also visit the user forums on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook to get opinions of the other users who have been facing the same issue. Sometimes visiting the forums is a better alternative to using the official website.

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