How To Fix Paladins Error Code 20006?

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In this article, we will discuss the Paladins error code 20006.

This error code means that the game is unable to start. This can happen due to many different reasons and we have to dive deep into the reasons before we can apply any solution to get rid of the issue.

In the next section, this is exactly what we will do where we will discuss the different reasons for this issue as well as the solutions that you can apply to get rid of the issue.

Fixes For Paladins error code 20006

From the introductory paragraph above, it must be clear that this is an issue that causes the game not to start.

There can be many reasons like the issue with the computers, network, or the device that you’re playing on or you are using cheating software. We will mention all the different reasons for this as well as the solutions to get rid of those reasons. Here is how you can get rid of this issue.

Fix 1: You are using cheating software

Many players try to cheat in the game when they are playing in a team player game. But the cheating software is strictly not tolerated in the game Paladins.

The game team takes it very seriously to eliminate all the players that are trying to use cheating software.

To take care of this issue they have an anti-cheat. The software eliminates all the people who are trying to use cheating software to get ahead in the game.

If you’re using cheating software, shut down that software as well as all the processes related to it.

Now re-launch the game and see if you face the same issue.

Fix 2: Malfunction of the anti-cheat software

The anti-cheat software that removes the players from the game when they try to cheat can sometimes malfunction even when you are not using cheating software.

Because the software is third-party software, it is not exactly made by the game Paladins. That can cause compatibility issues. 

When this third-party anti-cheat software faces problems and compatibility issues with the game Paladins, it makes the game crash.

Shut down the game and then restart it, because this can also shut down the anti-cheat software in the background and you will be able to relaunch it without any issues.

Fix 3: Make sure that you have the latest version of the anti-cheat downloaded on your device

The energy service also needs to be downloaded along with the game file so that you can play the game Paladins.

When you update the game, also make sure that you are updating the anti-cheat to the latest version. If you do not, it will face compatibility issues and it would make the game crash as we have also discussed in the point above.

Fix 4: Disable your VPN

If you’re using a Virtual Private Network, this will cause problems with the identification of your IP address when you are trying to play the Paladins game in team player mode.

To take care of this issue, disable your Virtual Private Network. Also, make sure that you close all the background processes related to the VPN.

Now relaunch the game and see if the issue is eliminated.

Fix 5: Check the settings on your network Firewall

The network firewall blocks a lot of your connections on a daily basis, and you might not even know about it if those processes are not important to you.

However, if it blocks the processes related to the game paladins, then you will know about it as you will face the error code and the game will not stop.

To make sure that this is the problem caused by the network firewall, you need to launch the firewall settings and check the block list.

If the game Paladins is on the block list, remove it and also add it to the list of exceptions so that this issue does not show up later again.

Fix 6: Launch the game in Safe mode

Many issues like this show up in the game does not start. More often than not it needs to be launched in safe mode.

This mode is a troubleshooting mode in which you can launch the game with very limited features. You will not be able to access a lot of features of the game, but this will solve your issue.

Once your issue is resolved, you can go back to the normal mode of gameplay.

Fix 7: Repair the game files

If the files of the game databases are corrupted then you will face the issue in starting the game.

To get rid of this issue you need to repair the game files. Do the better game files. Launched the game client and go to the settings. Click on the game and open the properties for the game and click on repair.

Once you initiate this process, the game client will replace all the corrupted files with fresh and updated files.

That should solve all your issues with the game file directory.

Fix 8: Contact the game support team

If you have scrolled down this far in this article and you are still facing the issue, then unfortunately only solution you have left to try is to contact the game support team.

This becomes important because if you have come this far without a solution, this means that you need to access the developer tools that only can be accessed through the system support team.

You can also visit the player forums where other players will tell you what they did when they faced the same issue.

However, if you compare the two things, then the support system will give you a solution that is warranted, but the player forums might not give you warranted advice.

To Conclude

Paladins is a great game. However, players get infuriated when they face the error code in the game. In this article, we have discussed the Paladins error code 20006.

We hope that we were able to help you get rid of this issue.

Keep following for more gaming and technical advice. Happy gaming!!

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