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If you are on a Playstation 3 console and are seeing the following Playstation 3 Error Code 80029564 message, whenever trying to download a game. Then, there is a high chance that you are seeing the following as a result of a corrupted game file or a corrupted memory which may have occurred due to an unstable internet connection or a faulty download.

In the following article, I won’t be wasting your and my time, going through all the general troubleshooting solutions out there, which I am pretty sure you must have already come across by now in one or the other guides over the internet. 

Here, I am simply going to lay out my findings and opinions in front of you, which I have come across after having gone through quite a few forums and discussion threads out there related to the particular error. This way you can hear or read it right from the people who had faced it on their own and try out the solutions mentioned by them, to check if those help you deal with the error on your respective systems as well.

Fixes For Playstation 3 Error Code 80029564

Fix 1: Delete and re-download game files

One of the most common reasons behind the following error to occur, as could be seen in most cases out there, would be a corrupted game file. 

A game file may usually get corrupted, when the game files you are downloading or installing may be suddenly or abruptly terminated due to an unstable internet connection or the system being shut down without pausing the download first. 

Playstation 3 Error Code 80029564

If that is the case, then simply deleting the already downloaded game files. And, redownloading it fresh could prove to be a good start to go on dealing with the following error as have been mentioned by most users out there. 

Playstation 3 Error Code 80029564

Although, deleting the corrupted game files from your device and redownloading them freshly have seemed to have worked for a few out there. Some users have also mentioned that such a solution does not work for a user. Then, they can try keeping the corrupt game files as it is on their system and try downloading the game again as mentioned below.

Playstation 3 Error 80029564
Playstation 3 Error 80029564

Fix 2: Check your network device compatibility

There can be occasions, when a router device you may be using to connect to the internet might not be very compatible with your console device when trying to download a game from the PSN store. 

If that is the case, then you might have to switch to a router device which is compatible with your console for downloads. And then, try downloading the game of your choice to download the game entirely as said below.

Playstation 3 Error 80029564

Fix 3: Don’t run a background download

There are a few users, who have also reported that running the download in the background may be responsible for causing the following error to occur. 

In such cases, to avoid such an error occurring from running a download in the background. It would be best to download a game directly without running any other program simultaneously to prevent any sort of conflicts as mentioned below.

Playstation 3 Error 80029564
Playstation 3 Error 80029564
Playstation 3 Error 80029564

Fix 4: Disable Media Center

One user also seemed very excited when talking about a solution which he thinks to be working for fixing the particular error message.

All you need to do is simply turn off or disable the media server connection option on your PS3 console devices and then try downloading the game. 

Error 80029564

So to disable Media Server Connection on your PS3 device, you can refer to the following guide, elaborately describing everything there is to know about DNLA as well as how to enable or disable such a service. 

Error 80029564
Error 80029564

Besides the Media Server Connection option, there can be other Media options too as shown in the screenshot above. Give it a trial and error approach to see which media option works for you and try disabling and enabling such options accordingly.

Fix 5: Try restoring to default settings

If you are trying to download the game elsewhere on a PC or other similar device. And then, seeing the following error, while trying to move the file onto your PS3 console. 

Error 80029564

Then, in such a case, you can try restoring your PS3 settings to its default settings option. And, see if that helps with the error. 

Error 80029564

To avoid any confusion. It would be a good idea to look up for the steps to restoring the settings to default settings on your own and try it out accordingly to check if doing so fixes the issue. 

Fix 6: Restrict data transfer limits

Honestly, I don’t know how far this solution might work. But, in any case, you can try limiting your transmit and receive data count from your router to see if doing so helps with the error. 

Error 80029564

Fix 7: Contact Support

If none of the solutions as shown above work for you. And you cannot find any luck with other troubleshoots as mentioned in guides online. Then, it would be a good idea to directly contact PS Customer Support and discuss the problem with them.

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