How to play Rocket League on Chromebook?

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Rocket League was launched in 2015 and since then it has become one of the most famous and easiest games to play on IOS and PS.

This game became all-time greatest and pushed users’ effort higher to reach the next level. This game was not available for Chromebook earlier, but now it can be played on Chrome OS with the help of NVIDIA. And in this post we are going to explain the process to play Rocket League on Chromebook.

Rocket League for Chromebook

How to Play Rocket League on Chromebook with the help of NVIDIA?

· To get Rocket League on your Chromebook make a Rocket League account.
· If you don’t have one, make one through ‘epic game store’.
· While using ‘epic game account’ click on the ‘Get’ button to add it to your library.
· Now navigate NVIDIA’s Geforce now homepage in your web browser.
· You need an account with NVIDIA to use Geforce now.
· There are two account types of NVIDIA, one is priority and another one is free membership, which doesn’t offer RTX features.
· Once signed in your NVIDIA account, click on the Green ‘play now’ button on the Geforce Now homepage.
· Once you get the option to select, click Beta options.
· You can also search rocket league through the search bar at the top.
· If it asks for which platform you will play it from, enter ‘Epic game store’.

Note: To experience better gaming experience play it with a controller.

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