How To Fix Skyrim Error Code 80 On Steam?

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  • In this blog post, we are going to talk about the error code 80 with Skyrim.
  • According to the users’ complaints, the error occurs whenever users launch Skyrim. As they launch Skyrim​​ this error hits the screen preventing them from successfully getting into the game.
  • As per our research, the error mainly occurs for those who use Skyrim from Steam. And this error is mainly related to Steam, not Skyrim, so to resolve the issue we will advise you to troubleshoot the Steam.

Skyrim Error Code 80 On Steam

Fixes For Skyrim Error Code 80 On Steam

Fix 1: Try Restarting The Steam And PC

  • If you have this error then the first thing you need to do is restart Steam. Simply quit the Stream and wait for around 30 seconds. Once 30 seconds are over try restarting the Steam and check if the error continues.
  • In case restarting the Steam doesn’t help you resolve the issue then our advice will be to power cycle your device and network. Simply power off your device and internet, and make sure they are disconnected from the power source. Then wait for around 5 minutes, after that restart both the devices and check if the error continues.
Skyrim Error Code 80 On Steam

Fix 2: Troubleshoot Your Steam

If restarting the Steam and device is not helping then simply log out from your Steam account and then relaunch the Steam.

  • Log out from your Steam account.
  • Then Close Steam.
  • Then Disconnect your device from the internet.
  • Then Wait for around 60 seconds.
  • Then Reconnect your device to the internet and Relaunch Steam.
  • Then Login back to your account.
  • Then check if the error continues.

Note: If you still get the error then check and make sure you are using the latest version of the Steam app.

Skyrim Error Code 80 On Steam

Fix 3: Uncheck The Read-Only Remark For Required Files

If you are done with the above steps but the error continues then try unchecking the read-only remark for the required files.

  • Close the Steam and all the applications which are opened.
  • Then go to the Game’s installation directory. Generally, it will be under, C:\Program Files.
  • Then Right-click on the Steam folder.
  • Then choose Properties.
  • Then Uncheck the Read-Only remark.
  • Then choose Apply.
  • Then choose Ok.
  • Then try Relaunching Steam.
  • Then check if the error continues.

Note: In case you are having the issue where Folders and Files remain read-only despite unchecking the option, then make sure you have full administrative access to make changes to file permissions.

Skyrim Error Code 80 On Steam

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