How To fix Spotify 403 Forbidden Nginx Error?

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Spotify 403 Forbidden Nginx Error

Error “403 forbidden Nginx” comes with Spotify while accessing their Web player on your browser. And this error simply means the Spotify server is refusing to fulfill the request made by you.

Most of the time this error occurs because of internet connection interruption. But in some cases, this error can also occur from Spotify itself.

How To Fix Spotify 403 Forbidden Nginx Error?

Fix 1: Check The Internet Connection

Restart your internet and check if the error is resolved or not.

If not then check your internet speed, or alternatively connect Spotify with any alternate internet connection to confirm if this is really an internet issue or something else.

Fix 2: Restart The Web Browser And Make Sure It’s Updated

If your internet is working fine then quit Spotify and close your browser. Then wait for around 1 minute then restart the Browser and relaunch Spotify.

If the error still continues then check if your browser is updated with the latest firmware or not.

Fix 3: Clear the Browser Cache and Cookies

As a next troubleshooting try clearing your browser cache and cookies. And once it’s done check if you still have the error.

Fix 4: Try Using Any Other Browser

If the error still continues even after cleaning the cookies and Cache then try using any other browser. Maybe your current browser is conflicting with Spotify for some reason.

You can use any other browser of your choice, such as Firefox, EDGE, Brave, etc.

If the error still persists then check if Spotify is working on other devices or not. If not then Spotify may be having a system outage. In that case, wait for some time and try again.

We will also recommend getting in touch with Spotify support to get more help over this error. To get contact details for Spotify you can visit here.

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