How to Fix Star Citizen Error Code 30018?

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If you are playing the Star Citizen game and have recently come across the following Star Citizen Error Code 30018. Then, chances are that it may be due to a glitch or bug with the game itself that mainly occurs when you bed log out of the game improperly. 

Star Citizen Error Code 30018

And by improperly, what it basically means is that if you abruptly stopped the game without leaving your ship properly or docking it properly and so on. 

Some users have however found a few walkarounds with the help of which they were able to fix the error on their own.

Such walkarounds for the Star Citizen Error Code 30018 are as follows:

fixes For Star Citizen Error Code 30018

Fix 1: Pick the same ship logged out last

Since wrongly bedlogging has been seen to be one of the causes for the following error to occur. 

Star Citizen Error Code 30018
  • For this step, you will need to pick the same ship you used last while logging out. 
  • You can do this by going to Multiplayer Arena Commander
  • Then, you will need to opt for the Multiplayer free flight option and play the game for sometime till some other ship shoots you down for you to crash and die. 
  • Once that happens, try logging in back and see if that helped with the error. 
Star Citizen Error Code 30018

Fix 2: Have a friend destroy your ship

One user who had received an official statement from the developer team said that the reason why one might be seeing the following error is if they logout or crash while inside a ship or when they are in the no-fly zone and logout. 

Star Citizen Error Code 30018

They have also mentioned an easy workaround which is as follows:

  • For this you will need a friend in the same game as you, where your ship is still present in the game.
  • If so, then ask your friend who can still access the game to have your ship destroyed. 
  • Doing this should help you get kicked out of the session. And after a few minutes or so you can try logging in back to check whether the error still shows up or not.

But in cases where you are seeing the error before entering the menu option itself. Then, sadly there is nothing much available out there for a solution which works. 

You will need to wait it out, till the developer gets it fixed by themselves or rolls out an option such as a character reset or repair feature that would allow you to reset the game and fix the error when faced. 

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