How to Delete Textnow account?

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There are so many messaging apps in the market these days, what is the use for one more, what makes Textnow different?

This North American app gives you a temporary phone number that you can use for all the phone services without paying for them. No doubt, the app has some very amazing features but only on the premium subscription.

steps to Delete TextNow Account

Are you ready for the endless ads that come with the free version? You can easily use apps like Whatsapp instead without paying and seeing any ads. Are you ready for the glitches on the app? Are you ready for your number to be disabled if you do not use it for some time?

If you are one of the users that are facing more issues than enjoying benefits, you might want to consider deleting your account on Textnow. Read down below to understand everything about the process to delete your account.

Thing To Note Before Deleting your TextNow account

There are some significant changes on your account and the data related to it when you delete the account. Consider all these points listed down below before you decide to erase your account.

  • The data on the app will be erased
  • Deleting your account does not cancel your subscription
  • You cannot delete the account permanently due to some legal formalities on Textnow

You can choose to deactivate your account and modify your data so that your account is no longer accessible. This is the closest you can come to deleting your Textnow account.

How to Delete TextNow account?

As mentioned above, due to some legal reasons that are not exactly specified by Textnow, they do not provide you the option to delete your account permanently.

Then what is the closest option to deleting your account? Read down below to find out in this section

You can deactivate your account and before doing that, modify the important data on the account so that your personal data is erased from the app even when you cannot delete it.

Replacing your data with useless information

  • Follow this link and log in to your Textnow account
  • Click on the Gear icon that you see on the left. This is the Settings menu
  • Under the Settings menu, click on Account
  • Change your First name, Last name, and Email to some random information
  • Click on Save
  • Click on the Security and Login menu
  • And click on Log out of all Devices

Your data will now be changed and will be of no use to the company. Now you can follow the next step to make your account inactive.

Leave your Account in an Inactive state

We can use the faulty feature of the platform to our benefit, that is, if you do not use your number for three days, your account will go to a dormant state and you will not be able to use the number anymore to make calls.

After changing your account information to random data, you can delete the app from your phone and stop using the account for three days. Your number will be removed and nobody will be able to access you on the app.

Following the two steps above does not cancel your Premium subscription and you must take care to cancel your premium before you delete the account.

How To Cancel TextNow subscription?

Absolutely cancel your subscription before you decide to leave your account or else you will keep getting charged for the services you can no longer use.

Here is how you can cancel the subscription on different devices.

From Their Android App

  • Launch the Google Play Store app on your android
  • Click on Menu.
  • Click on Account.
  • Under Subscriptions, find Textnow.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on Cancel Subscription.

From Their iOS App

  • Launch the Apple Store app on your device.
  • At the bottom of the page, scroll down to see your Apple id.
  • Click on View Apple Id.
  • Scroll down to find Subscriptions.
  • Click on Textnow to cancel your subscription.

From their Website.

  • Follow this link on your browser and log in with the correct credentials.
  • Click on My account. A page opens.
  • Navigate to the Cancel My Subscription button.
  • Click on Cancel My Subscription.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an option on the app itself to cancel the subscription?

Yes, you can directly cancel the subscription from the app. To do that > Log in to Textnow > Click on Menu > At the top, click on Premium > Click on Manage Subscription (Android) and Check Subscription Status (iOS) > now you can cancel your subscription.

2. Can I reactivate my Textnow account?

You cannot reactivate the account that you have deleted because you changed all the personal login information to random data during the process. Now you cannot use the same credentials to log in because they do not exist anymore.

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