How To Fix If Chromebook keep disconnecting from WIFI?

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Chromebook is one of the latest and smartest laptops available. But just like any other device it needs non-stop internet to get your work done. But, what if your wifi connection is responding poorly and getting disconnected frequently.

Chromebook Keep Disconnecting From WIFI

It will certainly affect your every online activity, from official work to Playing music, watching films and videos. So it’s better to look for ways to resolve If Chromebook keep disconnecting from WIFI.

How To Fix If Chromebook keep disconnecting from WIFI?

Fix 1: Forget and Rejoin the network

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap Network.
  • Tap WIFI
  • Click on the Network
  • Tap ‘Forget’.
  • Wait for few seconds, then go to ‘Known Network’ and select “Network”.
  • Enter the credentials, if it is Password protected in the given Boxes and click on CONNECT.

Fix 2: Disable Bluetooth for reconnecting the Network

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth, and turn it off.

Note: Bluetooth usually operates at 2.4 ghz frequency band, so switching your Router to 5 Ghz will resolve the problem. Before doing so, check if your Chromebook supports %Ghz or not, if it works you don’t need to turn off the Bluetooth.

Fix 3: Try to connect with Another WIFI connection

  • Try to connect your Chromebook with Another wifi Network, by forgetting the existing one.
  • You can also try to connect your laptop from your Phone’s Hotspot.
  • If Problem persists, then it’s a problem of Hardware or configuration.

Fix 4: Come close to the router

When it comes to Network quality, as you should always be around at router as Distance interferes with Router Network. Move closer to Router, and if you can’t Use WIFI extender or router.

Fix 5: Check Router settings

Some Routers have parental control over net speed, in such scenarios you will face intermittent network Drops. In such scenario you can remove it just by giving MAC address

Note: To find MAC address, tap on WIFI or Time Icon, and now click on Drop Down below WIFI icon. After that click on info icon to check your MAC address, and press and hold the card and select copy or Press CTRL +c to copy the MAC address. At last Share the MAC address to Network admin and ask him to remove restrictions.

Fix 6: Disconnect all the Devices connected to the Router

  • If multiple Device is already connected, so Chromebook may fail to establish  connection. So disconnect all the connected devices. Now check if the problem is solved.
  • If Chromebook keeps disconnecting from WIFI, check your router’s Admin panel and remotely remove Unused devices from the Network.

Fix 7: Disconnect VPN app or connection

  • VPN apps cause network interference, throttles connection speed.
  • Turn off any active VPN connection and rejoin the WIFI network.
  • If Chromebook still disconnects from wifi, update the problematic VPN app to the latest version.

Fix 8: Restart Router

  • Restart Router, by turning it off and switching it on.
  • You can also unplug the router from its power socket.
  • Reconnect the Chromebook to Wifi and check if it fixes the issue.

Fix 9: Restart Your Chromebook

  • Press and Hold the power button.
  • Select power off, when pop-up comes with options.
  • Now click on the Power icon to switch it off
  • After that turn it on within a few minutes and reconnect it with WIFI.

Fix 10: Contact Manufacturer

If All of the above given resolution doesn’t solve your issue, there can be hardware issues. So go to customer service/or get it checked by customer care.

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