What Is Fletching Tables In Minecraft? Explained

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Last Updated on May 26, 2021

In Minecraft fletching table can generate naturally in villages, and it is a fletcher’s job site block. The fletching table is used to turn an unemployed villager into a Fletcher.

Well, if you have recently updated your Minecraft Java Edition to the recent 1.14 release. Then there is quite the possibility that you might have come across the Fletching table.

And just like any curious Minecraftizen you too must be having all kinds of wild speculations to what it can do why it is there or simply what is its purpose.

And these are just few of the many questions I have seen all over the Internet in various forums as well as FAQ’s section of Minecraft sites. However, till date I haven’t been able to find a suitable answer that might be enough to quench the curiosity that still burns in me for “What exactly is the Fletching Table?” 

Also, since you are here reading the following post. I believe that you too are on a quest to find some answers to the mystery behind “What is the Fletching Table?” as well as “What a Fletching Table used for?”.

And in the following post, although I can’t promise for sure that you will find the answers to it all, you will however get insights on things that might help you later on as you go playing with the Fletching Table.

What Is Fletching Table In Minecraft?

Since, a fletching table one could say is one of the newest addition to the Minecraft update. Many are still not familiar with what it is in the first place. So, for those of you asking this question, a fletching table you could say is basically a job site block like the many other site blocks you might have come across while playing Minecraft earlier.

Blocks such as the smoker, barrel, loom and grindstone are just some of the many Job site blocks like the new Fletching table block available in Minecraft which you may know help villagers without jobs earn a profession for themselves.

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What Is A Fletching Table Used For?

Now, that we have seen what a Fletching table actually is, let us next look into the next question at hand that is, “what a fletching table can do” for you or to put it in even simpler terms, “what can it be actually used for”.

And as we had already seen from the section above, a Fletching table is basically a “Job Site Block”. Hence, it would not be wrong for us to assume that a Fletching table too is a Job Block like all other blocks available in the game.

Also, if we go according to the very conventional definition or purpose of a Job Block, then it is used or can be used by villagers without a profession to actually earn themselves a job profession for themselves, i.e. from being completely jobless to attaining a certain job for oneself, which in the case of a Fletching table would be to become a Fletcher.

However, if we need to speak in detail about the main purpose of the Fletching Table besides helping one to attain the profession of a Fletcher, the rest is still unsure. Or at least for now it is not defined by the Developers themselves.

At present, the Fletching Table unfortunately does not have any kind of utility function, which means that the ability to build up something out of it is near to impossible.

But, with the next update release from Minecraft, it can be expected that all utility functions of the Fletching table should be available and up for building. Thus, now all you got to do is simply wait for the next update and you are all set to become a full fledged Fletcher.

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