How To Fix Dead By Daylight (DBD) Error Code 4?

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Here in this post, we are going to share the details for the Dead By Daylight Error Code 4.

The error reads “You have been kicked from the server because of a failure to validate your account through Easy Anti-Cheat.”

As per our research, whenever users are trying to load into the game they receive this error, and even a few users have reported that they got the penalty of a few hours or minutes with the error.

In our research, we have found that this is a known issue and the DBD team is aware of this issue. As per the information shared by the developers on their website, the error is related to missing or corrupt game files, if not then there may be faulty or failing hardware specifically RAM modules.

Below we have shared a few workarounds that we have discovered in our research, please try them as they might help resolve your issue.

Fixes For Dead By Daylight Error Code 4

Fix 1: Restart Your System And Relogin To Your Account

In our research, we have found that sometimes any issues with the EAC authentication may also cause this issue, so you can try logging out and re-logging in especially if you are using Game Pass on a PC.

  • Log out of your Xbox or Steam application on your PC.
  • Then Shut down your device.
  • Then Wait for around 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Then Restart your PC.
  • Then Relaunch your Application.
  • Then log into your account.
  • Then check if the error still comes or not.

Fix 2: Try Verifying Your Game Files

For Steam

  • First, Quit Steam and Restart your device.
  • Then Relaunch Steam.
  • Then visit the Game Library.
  • Then go to the Dead by Daylight and Right-click on It.
  • Then choose Properties.
  • Then choose the Local Files tab.
  • Then choose Verify integrity of game files.
  • Once the process is done, check for the error.

To know more about Verifying the integrity of files on Steam you can visit here.

For The Microsoft Xbox App

  • First, Restart your PC.
  • Then Lauch the Microsoft Xbox App.
  • Then go to Dead By Daylight and Select it.
  • Then Choose the three-dot icon […] next to the play button.
  • Then choose Manage.
  • Then choose Files.
  • Then choose Verify and Repair.
  • If you get the warning message that your mods or game saves that are not backed up will be erased, choose Yes to continue.
  • Once the process is done, check for the error.

Fix 3: Try Running This Command

If you still get the error then you can try running this command.

  • Launch the CMD as an administrator.
  • Then type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
  • Now Wait till the command completes.
  • Once done, Restart your PC and check for the error.

Fix 4: Check For Faulty Or Failing Hardware

As per the information shared by the developers if the error still comes then it may indicate faulty or failing hardware, especially your RAM modules, and you should try running tests on your internal hardware to ensure they are working incorrectly. 

Fix 5: Wait It Out Or Contact Support

Many users have shared that the error gets resolved itself after a few days so if you are done with everything but still stuck with the error then you can also try waiting for one day or two.

You can also choose to reach out to the DBD support to report the issue.

Here is how you can reach out to the support.

  • You can visit here and choose between different options to get help.
  • Or you can visit here and directly create a support ticket.

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