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Playstation Error wc-36547-5

While playing a game on Playstation if you have suddenly been kicked out of the game and the error code wc-36547-5 is flashing on your screen, you are at the right place for the resolution of the issue. 

We have researched the topic through various resources including the official PlayStation support website as well as the player forums.

This is a network-based error that will show up on the Playstation console occasionally for some players while they try to use their credit card on the platform.

There are many explanations for the issue and we need to discuss all of them in detail for you to understand what steps you should take to eliminate the PlayStation Error wc-36547-5.

In the next section, let us attempt to understand the various solutions to this issue in detail. Let’s get into it.

Fixes For PlayStation error code wc-36547-5

As we have already mentioned above, the error code wc-36547-5 on PlayStation is an error that shows up due to network trouble blocking the use of the credit card that you are trying to use to make a purchase.

We now need to formulate an understanding of what can be affecting the PlayStation system to lead to a rejection of your credit card.

Here is how you can solve the error code when it shows up.

Fix 1: Check if there are any credit cards registered on PlayStation

This is a step that you need to take for confirming what credit cards are already added and registered for use with your PlayStation account.

Here is how you can do this:

  • Launch the PlayStation store
  • Scroll down and navigate to the Payment Methods option
  • Enter the Credit Card information when asked for it.
  • Confirm the information
  • Now try to make the purchase again.

If this solved your problem, the issue was with the registration configuration of the credit card.

Fix 2: Check if you have entered the correct information for the credit card

When you register to use your credit card on the platform, you need to make sure that all the information that you have entered is correct.

In case it is not, the platform will not be able to identify your card and the purchase will not go through. Here is how you can go through with this solution.

  • Launch the PlayStation Store
  • Scroll to the Payment Methods tab
  • If there is a registered credit card that you see, confirm the information entered on it.
  • If the information was not found to be accurate, replace it with the correct information.

Now try to make the purchase again and this time, it might go through.

Fix 3: Check if there is an issue with the registered credit card

Credit cards are subject to expiry dates and other issues like blocking due to suspicious activity.

While in most cases you will get a notification about the issue on your card, there are some instances where you will find this out firsthand during a purchase attempt.

Check for the issues on your card and check with the card company for the resolution of the issue before you can make a purchase.

You can also use a different card if you have one.

Fix 4: Check your internet connection

The internet connection is a very important facet of the gameplay through PlayStation. If the network connection is weak, there is no question that the device will lose the connection to the server.

You need to make sure that the speed of the network connection is impeccable. Especially in cases where you are using a mobile connection, you should consider switching to a wired connection instead. This is because a wired connection is more stable than a mobile network.

You can check if the speed of your internet connection is sufficient by Googling an Internet Speed Meter tool.

This will generate a report of the upload and the download speed of your connection. If the network connection is slow and you can not put a finger on why that is happening, you need to contact the internet service provider for assistance on the issue.

Fix 5: Check the network settings on the console

There are certain network settings that are to be configured on the PlayStation to make sure that it can connect efficiently to the network.

If these settings are messed up, the connection to the network will be affected. These settings can also sometimes become outdated in case there are some new updates on the PlayStation server.

You can launch the network settings on the console. To get rid of the issues, reset the network settings to default.  Here is how you can do this.

  • Launch the PlayStation settings
  • Click on the Network Settings
  • Click on the Advanced Settings option
  • Click on Initialize Network
  • Now reset the Network Settings to Default.

Now launch the game again and see if the PlayStation error is eliminated.

Fix 6: Check the network status of the PlayStation server

If there is nothing wrong on your end with the network speed and stability, the other facet that you should look for is to check for the status of the PlayStation server.

You can check the status of the server by going to the PlayStation website. The website displays a message in case the server is down. 

There is also a dedicated network server status page that you can access to get an idea of the server outage.

Here is the link to the PlayStation server status page. You can directly launch this page and you will see a message if there is any outage reported on the PlayStation servers.

Fix 7: Update the firmware on your PlayStation console

There is a very important role of the firmware update on the PlayStation. This is the update that makes your device remain compatible with the processes on the PlayStation server.

If the device has not been updated for long, the device will become outdated and you will not be able to connect to the network.

To solve this issue, check for the latest updates on the device firmware and update the device to the latest version if you find it. 

Now restart the device and check if this solves your issue.

Fix 8: Rebuild the database on your PlayStation console

There are many files on the PlayStation database. Some of them are related to the games that you have downloaded and some others are about the device settings.

These files are not foolproof and can get corrupted. In this case, the files that are affected will not allow the PlayStation to function properly.

In this case, you will need to rebuild the database on the console. Here is how you can rebuild the database.

  • Launch the PlayStation Settings
  • Click on the Storage option
  • Click on the System option
  • Now click on the Rebuild Database option

This will now start the process of rebuilding the database on the console and replacing all the corrupt files. If there are any files that are essential and missing, they will also be downloaded to the database.

Fix 9: Clear the cookies and cache on the web browser

In case you are using a web browser on the PlayStation and see the error code, you need to clear the cookies and cache on the web browser.

In the short term, these files are helpful in launching the processes of the browser faster but if these files get corrupt, then they need to be cleared before the web browser can continue to function properly.

Clear the cookies and cache on the web browser by launching the browser settings and then try to launch the processes again.

Fix 10: Contact the PlayStation Support Team

The solutions for the error code have been mentioned in detail above. However, if you have tried everything on the list and still are not able to get rid of the error code, you need to contact the PlayStation support team.

The team will generate a support ticket and help you with the perfect solution catered to your unique situation. 

You can also visit the PlayStation discussion forums on platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter to get advice on the issue from other players.

To conclude

The error code wc-36547-5 on the PlayStation console shows up when you try to use your registered credit card for a purchase and the transaction is declined.

In this case, you need to try the solutions that we have mentioned above to get rid of the issue. Some of these solutions are related to the device and the other ones are related to the card.

We hope that we were able to solve the issue that you were facing with the error code. Keep following for more technical and gaming advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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