How To Fix IRS error code 8028?

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As per the information shared by the users, the error code 8028 occurs while signing in or while creating a profile.

The error says:

A condition has been identified that’s preventing your access to this service.

During our research, we were unable to find any official post shared by the IRS on this error. So we have done our research from the different forums and communities. And below we are going to share everything we have found in our research.

IRS error code 8028

How To Fix IRS error code 8028?

Fix 1: Keep Trying

Many times this error is the result of some temporary issue with the IRS system. So before trying any troubleshoots we will suggest you keep trying at least 2 to 3 times.

Fix 2: Try Using Any other device

If the error is still coming then try using IRS from any alternate device such as a laptop, cell phone, PC, etc.

If the error is coming because of any issue with your device then using any alternate device can help you fix the issue.

Fix 3: Try Creating A Regular IRS Account

If you are still having the error and you have created your account with ID ME then we will recommend you to create a regular IRS account through the main

Once you are done with creating your account with the main, check if you still have the error or not.

Fix 4: Wait And Try Again

If you still have the error then wait for some hours/day and try again.

During our research, we have come upon a tweet where one lady mentioned that the error gets resolved itself the next day. You can see the screenshot given below.

IRS error code 8028

Fix 5: Call IRS

If you have done everything and even have waited for too long but the error is still coming then we will suggest you to get in touch with IRS support.

Simply call the IRS and report to the agent that you are having this error.

Fix 6: Check IRS Server Status

In the meantime, while you are getting in touch with IRS support we will suggest you to check the IRS server status.

If the IRS system is having any issues right now then these kinds of errors are very common.

To check the IRS server status you can visit here.

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